5 Smartwatches Cheaper Than Can Be Used With Android Phones

If you follow the news related to the technology for some time, I should have realized that the smart watches are one of the next big betting companies. Despite this, there are companies that are currently present in this segment of appliances, such as Samsung and Sony.
The problem is that the smartwatches are somewhat expensive, so a lot of people cannot enjoy the benefits and differentiators of these devices. With that in mind, the folks at the Androidsis site produced an infographic with six smart watch models considered low cost and that can be used in synchronization with Android smartphones.
Modest equipment, but that work …
The devices in question cost up to 100 EUR (approx. 300 R$, without the due taxes) and not limited to tools for physical exercises, for example. Because of this, you can check out looking for your notifications and use other features that use the Bluetooth connection to communicate with your mobile phone — and that’s why we, the Tecmundo, selected only 5 of the devices shown by Android smart watches.
In addition, it is worth pointing out that the low cost is given by the simple fact that the manufacturers are famous and not because the technology used is not the latest available. Were you curious? So just continue reading this little article.
1. MyKronoz ZeWatch
This unit can be used on par with any other that can establish a communication via Bluetooth — including computers and tablets. To be used with smartphones, the MyKronoz ZeWatch allows you to check notifications, pick up or reject calls and even listen to music. By clicking here, you will find the product by Amazon.
• screen: OLED 128 x 32 mm
• measures: .5 mm 28x59x8
• weight: 32 g
• Bluetooth: version 2.1
• battery: 150 mAh
• price: 69 euros (207 R$)
2. MyKronoz ZeBracelet
The ZeBracelet is another smartwatch clock made by My Kronoz and has a pattern very similar to the template cited above. Because of this, with the unit attached to the wrist, you can listen to your songs, answer or reject calls (with the contact being shown on the screen), among other functions of this genre.
The specs are almost the same presented by ZeWatch. The difference is the fact that the ZeBracelet weighs 45 grams (weight difference attributed to design more robust) and costs a little less: EUR 62 (us $186). By clicking here, you will find the product through Amazon.
3. i-Joy I-Watxer Reloj
When connected to your Android smartphone, the ijoy I-Watxer Reloj allows you to receive text messages (without responding to them), as well as makes it possible to receive phone calls, application notifications, reproduction, access to the phonebook and call history. Apparently, the product is sold only in Spanish pages, such as Carrefour.
• screen: OLED 0.96 x 2.4 cm
• resolution: 128×68 pixels
• dimensions: 52x48x10 mm
• weight: 100 grams
• Bluetooth: version 2.1
• battery: 190 mAh
• price: 44 euros (132 R$)
4. Meteor
The Smart Watch called Meteor, which is produced by the company Kreyos, aims to be a rugged device with many features. It uses Bluetooth to connect to cell phones (Android systems support, iOS and Windows Phone), allowing the receipt and completion of calls and SMSs, physical activity monitoring and notifications apps Conference.
Another differentiator is the fact that the Meteor has protection against water and accepts commands by voice or gestures. It is possible to buy the device by clicking here and ecessar the manufacturers site.
• fabric: 1.2-inch LCD
• resolution: 144×168 pixels
• Bluetooth: version 4.0
• battery: 150 mAh
• price: 95 euros (218 R$)
5. MetaWatch Strata
This smartwatch clock was made so that you can explore nature without having to take the smartphone pocket or backpack to give different information. It is waterproof, your structure is made of sturdy materials, as well as allows the Conference application notifications, music playback and access the saved data in the cloud. By clicking here, you will find the product by Amazon.
• fabric: 25 x 25 mm
• resolution: 96 x 96 pixels
• Bluetooth: version 4.0
• weight: 60 grams
• price: 98 euros (294 R$)
After reading about all these devices, be sure to leave a comment telling which one is your favorite. In addition, if you are interested in one of the models, click here to learn how to make an international purchase.