Google Prepares Smart Wristwatch With LG And Will Reveal It In June

For some time, rumors circulate that Google is preparing a smartwatch clock. But when you see him in the real world? According to CNET, just wait until June: it will be displayed in the Google i/o event.

A source tells the site that Google must reveal plans on the smartwatch clock in March, probably on the company’s official blog. The device itself should only give the guys at the end of June, to be released some time later.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the watch will run Android and will be done in collaboration with LG, which manufactures the Nexus and Nexus 4 5. A source says, however, that other manufacturers can also be involved.

The smartwatches market’s choppy: Samsung announced the Gear and Gear 2 2 Neo, after the failure of predecessor; Sony has your SmartWatch clock 2; and the pioneer Pebble gained strength this year with more partners and a stainless steel design.

In addition, there are several rumors that Apple would be preparing a smartwatch clock, and that HTC will launch three models later this year. Given the enormous interest, there’s a lot of potential in smart wristwatches. And it makes sense that Google invest in the field of wearable computing, given your commitment to the Glass.

In 2012, approved a Google patent for a smart wristwatch: the concept, there are two screens, one on top of the other. One of them is semitransparent, has camera and gets up, you observe the world in augmented reality. Of course, no guarantee that the smart watch Google.

In the same year, Google bought WIMM Labs in a secret deal to help develop your smart watch with Android. As we said, this could be a chance to bring the best features of Google – as Now – for your wrist.

Google does not comment on the matter. [CNET and Wsj via Engadget]