Smart Luxury Watch Armani Has Battery That Lasts Six Months

the famous luxury clothing brand Emporio Armani has just entered the wearable market with your own smart clock. With the name and the Device Connected Watch was developed in partnership with company Fossil, and brings some known tools of appliances in the genre in an analog screen.
Don’t think to be limited to a common display makes this just another clock. The device, in fact, has a series of sensors that turn the Connected Watch in something closer to a smartband: using your Bluetooth connection, accessory can monitor your sleep and physical activity, control execution, warn of notifications. And, of course, show the hours – with two time zones.
To make things even more interesting, and Connected Watch also has batteries of quartz, which cause it to last around six months, according to the website Ars Technica. Add to that support for Android and iOS, as well as options in five different colors, and we have a very promising device.
If the possibility of spending a lot of money to have a watch as these is not problem, just visit the official website of the company and choose one of the available colors of Connected Watch. Each unit costs $245 (778 R$, in a simple conversion and no other fees) 395 (R$ 1.2 thousand), what makes it so expensive – or even more – than the best smartwatches of the market. Is for you to decide if the luxury worth the usefulness of other wearable of iamaccepted.