The Best Smartwatches And Fitness Bands To Buy In February 2016

without a doubt, was the year 2015 of the wearable gadgets, and many brands have launched products to compete in this area. Apple finally entered the race, and Samsung and Motorola have renewed their devices with a new generation, in order to gain more users. However, most of the major releases in this segment has not yet reached the Brazil. So, what are the best options in smartwatches and fitness bracelets in the Brazilian market?
Basically, we have some of the options of the major brands and a few other smaller manufacturers solutions. However, with the anticipated Huawei Watch, Bike 360 2nd generation and Microsoft Band 2 should not give the guys here so early.
So, check out some good options to purchase:
Samsung S2 and S2 Gear Classic
The new Samsung smartwatch clock is a great solution for anyone who wants a smart beautiful and functional watch. The appliance comes with the Citizen and has a very intuitive interface, which allows you to be operated through a physical ring around the screen. The display is completely circular according to
There are two versions available for purchase: a common and other Classic, which is more expensive due to the premium design. Still, the functionality and the internal hardware are exactly the same. Gear prices S2 and S2 Classic revolve around the 1600 and 2000 R$ R$.
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Best price found: Cissa Magazine R$ 1,659 (Gear S2) and specifically R$ 1,993 (S2 Classic)
360 Sport bike
The Bike 360 Sport just arrived to Brazil, even before your casual version, the Bike 360 2nd generation. Motorola hasn’t commented when and for what price will sell this model more common around here, but the Sport version has something extra: built-in GPS for those who like hiking and racing down the street or in parks.
It runs the Android Wear and therefore has a wider apps store than Gear S2, for example. Other than that, there are a plethora of “themes” or “watch faces” for download. He has a semicircular screen that is significantly roomier than that of competitors. The bracelet is very durable silicone. This watch is not yet on sale in many shops in Brazil, but your basic price is 1,999 R$.

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Best price found: 1,999 R$ Sub
Apple Watch
The offer from Apple is certainly one of the presenting the best build quality, and if you have an iPhone, there is no other more complete option to track your cell phone. He has a good performance, and many apps from the App Store have beenadapted to run on that platform. Besides, the screen realizes two levels of pressure, and there are several more features dumb to be playing.
The problem is that even the most basic models of this clock are as expensive as their Apple iPhones. The price of the basic model is R$ 2,899.
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Best price found: Apple Store 2,899 R$
Sony SmartWatch clock 3
This is the last Sony’s bet in the field of wearable and also one of the cheaper products from our list. It comes with AndroidWear, as well as Motorola‘s Watch, and has a more industrialdesign, with a square screen and large rims. He certainly isn’t the most appropriate option for those who worry a lot aboutstyle, but is a very functional watch.
The price of the SmartWatch clock 3 revolves around 700 to 800 R$ R$ for payment at sight, becoming a very interesting possibility for those who want to enter the world of wearable OS from Google.
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Best price found: Cissa Magazine R$ 774
Xiaomi Mi Band
Xiaomi‘s bracelet is more wearable option cheap and qualitywe can indicate to you. It is a very reliable brand and quality products. The device can be your bracelet changed according to your need, and the battery lasts more than a month with a load.
As it is not a smartwatch clock, it is simpler and has fewer sensors, but can monitor your sleep and movements. An app installed on your smartphone receives the data collected in these activities and shows comprehensible graphics on its activities.
The official price of the bracelet on Brazil‘s R$ 95, but she is not always available to buy on the website of the manufacturer.We need to keep an eye.
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Fitbit Arises
This watch of the FitBit has a claim to be the best smartwatch clock to world fitness. He has integrated GPS and can identifya wide variety of physical exercises, not just race, cycling and walking.
Due to the sensors and the programming of the device, it also allows users to do analyses of its activities in training, aerobic exercise, climbing, mixed and functional training. According to the brand, the Watch has a battery that lasts seven days away from the socket, which makes it a great alternative to watches that just hold little more than a day.
The official release price of this model is 1,999 R$, as well as the 360 Sport Bike, but it offers more functions for sports. On the other hand, the Motorola model has a more versatile, allowing the installation of apps. The Surge is only the functions that are already on it.