This Is The Profile Of Consumers Planning To Buy Wearables In 2016

The consultant IDC today released a report that identifies the profile of consumers intending to buy wearables in the next six months. The question of style appears as one of the three most important features.

According to IDC, the target of marketers of wearables manufacturers is the consumer with high level of technological expertise, great user of social networks and “extremely conscious of style.” The consultant summarized in three words: social savvy, stylish.
Research indicates that the first thing that three quarters (76%) of these consumers do when they wake up is to query the smartphone. They also make regular use of social networks, with 87% on Facebook and 29% to consult your profile every hour. More than half report WENT – fear of missing out, fear of losing something important when you don’t go to social networks (54%).
The interest in wearables is high: 74% consider that it is a technology “exciting” and 71% believe that it is the “next big thing” in technology. Two-thirds (65%) believe that these devices will bring a “positive impact” to everyday life.
“We’re still in the fledgling stage of the market for wearables and that gives companies in the ecosystem the opportunity to grab the attention [consumers] and market share”, analyzes Ramon Llamas, Research Director of IDC’s Wearables. Consumers are gravitate to these devices because the technology companies were pioneers and boosted the market, considers the expert. Now, “it will be interesting to watch is how the technology brands will join the non-technological companies to develop new applications, or as non-can technology compete in this space.” The research, he says, shows interest in both.
The attention to style
One of the conclusions of the report is that the style may have a more important role than the considered previously – for example, would have been the aspect of cyborg who condemned the first version of the Google Glass?
The responses of consumers around the clothing and use feature high levels of care, including accessories – glasses, watch and jewelry.
“Consumers with purchasing intentions are very enthusiastic about the wearables, but have hesitated to buy an appliance,” says Allan Fromen, Vice President and consulting partner of the Global Buyer Behavior Practice Unit of IDC. “This means that the companies have not yet discovered the secret of how to offer something that is both functional and fashionable. Since these consumers are highly aware of the style, the companies clearly have to focus on the aesthetics of your product, perhaps even more than the functionality. ”
It’s a bit disconcerting analysis, for example, for a brand like Apple – which placed much emphasis on the aesthetics of Apple Watch and even has models with 18-carat gold.
Still, the report identifies the Apple as the favorite brand of these consumers when it comes to smart watches (52%). Smart clothing is favorite Nike (40%), in fitness bracelets makes a Fitbit (37%) and glasses to Google (36%).
A computer with the leading indicators report is available here.