22 Great Country House Garden Ideas

Country house decoration in the garden: The right decoration for your country house garden!

Wide fields, wild flowers, herds of sheep and cows: the country house style also makes us city dwellers indulge and dream! With country house garden decorations you can bring a piece of country love into your garden, even if you live in the city or suburb! With the right plants, flowers and decorative accessories you can easily create your own Stardew Valley. In this blog article we will show you country house decoration ideas for your garden.

Country house garden decoration

Not all country house gardens are the same – when it comes to country house decorations for the garden, you can choose from many different styles and stylistic elements.

Shabby Chic decoration for outside: A Shabby Chic country house garden

Of course, shabby chic decoration also goes great with the country house style garden. The dreamy and playful shabby chic invites you to upcycle, craft and DIY. Armed with the typical Shabby Chic chalk paints in white and pastel colors and weather protection varnish for the weatherproof Shabby decorations, you can easily make Shabby Chic garden decorations yourself. From the planted Shabby Chic drawer, country house wall decoration for outside with Shabby Chic paint, the bed in the old enamel tub or the mini pond in the zinc tub, many beautiful DIY projects are possible with Shabby Chic decoration in the garden.

Decorate the Garden with a Wall Clock

Transform your garden into a charming outdoor oasis by incorporating a wall clock as a stylish and functional accent piece. Select a weather-resistant clock designed for outdoor use to withstand the elements. Hang it on a sturdy fence, patio wall, or pergola to create a focal point that blends seamlessly with nature. Surround the clock with lush greenery, potted plants, and blooming flowers to enhance its visual appeal and create a picturesque setting. Choose a clock with a rustic or vintage-inspired design to add character and charm to your garden space. Set the clock to the correct time to ensure both practicality and aesthetic harmony.

French country house garden: lavender, brocade and vintage garden decorations

If you want to design your garden into a garden in the French country house style like in French Provence, lavender should not be missing as a style element! Whether in the bed or in pots and planters, the purple bee magnet looks incredibly good in the French country house garden. Vintage decorations for the garden and garden furniture in a nostalgic design go well with this. Tables and chairs made of painted cast iron bring French bistro and country house flair to your garden. Hanging decorations for outdoors such as wall planters in antique design, wall fountains and shutters also go perfectly with the French country house look in the garden. The furnishing brand Chic Antique, for example, is particularly dedicated to French country house decoration for outside and inside.

Country house patio decoration

When it comes to the country house terrace, the garden furniture is crucial. Rely on natural wooden furniture, perhaps with a shabby chic or Au Naturel finish. But cast iron garden furniture also goes great with the country house terrace. When it comes to flooring, light gravel, wooden floors or natural stone slabs go well with the country house style. Flower decorations are important for the terrace in a country house look – pots and planters made of terracotta, planters made of rattan, buckets for planting always offer beautiful flowery eye-catchers. As a roof for the country house style terrace, pavilions or pergolas with climbing plants are a particularly pretty and stylish option. Colorfully planted flower boxes as decoration for the outside window sills decorate the house facade. You can also find more terrace decoration ideas in our blog article “ Terrace decoration in summer – 30 great terrace decoration ideas ”.

Fence decorations and fences in country house style

Of course, fencing your garden shouldn’t be missing either! Suitable fences in country house style are rustic wooden fences or nostalgic metal fences. In large gardens, Benje hedges are also a great option, with which you can also give insects and small mammals some living space in your garden. To decorate existing fences in a country house look, you can use fence figures such as fence stools (e.g. from Posiwio), homemade fence decorations such as painted flower pots, or planting with climbing plants and climbing plants. You can also find decorative ideas for fences in our blog article “ 10 great climbing plants and climbing plants as greenery and privacy protection ”.

Country house decoration entrance area and front garden

The entrance to the house outside the door can also be beautifully embellished with country house style outdoor decorations! A great house entrance decoration in the country house style are, for example, country house lanterns, country house decorative objects such as enamel milk cans, tree stumps and planted buckets. Wreaths are a nice decorative idea as a country house front door decoration. Bonus: Depending on the season, you can decorate the wreaths and lantern differently. As a spring decoration there are a few willow branches in the lantern, in summer you can decorate the lantern with a small vase with summer flowers, in autumn decorative pumpkins and ears of grain are used as lantern decorations and in winter a lantern decoration with fir green, Ilex and small red ones is suitable apples.

Vintage wooden decoration for the garden

Wooden decorations also fit perfectly into your country house style garden! Old vintage wooden ladders serve as climbing aids, an old wagon wheel becomes an eye-catcher in the bed or as a facade decoration. You can use old wooden fruit crates to make decorative arrangements for the entrance to your house, or line them with foil and plant them. Fruit crates are screwed to the wall to form shelves for outside, ideal as decoration for the patio wall.

Homemade country house decorations for the garden

Make your own country house decorations for outside? No problem! Below we will introduce you to a few country house garden decoration ideas that you can easily make yourself! For even more DIY and craft instructions, we also recommend our blog article “ Dried flowers, metal rings etc. – 9 summer decoration ideas to make yourself ”.

Planted baskets as garden decorations

A great homemade country house decoration for the garden are planted baskets : painted with weather protection varnish, lined with foil on the inside. Planted baskets are used for variable country house decoration for outside: either you place the baskets on the ground, for example as a country house entrance decoration, or use them as a hanging garden decoration, For example, hung as a hanging basket on the terrace, or as a hanging country house decoration on the house facade.

Upcycling idea for the garden: Plant old chairs

Old chairs get a second life with this DIY garden idea. Using a jigsaw, cut a hole in an old wooden chair into which a bucket or planter of your choice will fit halfway. Paint the chair with a weatherproof paint of your choice to make the wood weatherproof. Let the paint dry. Place the bucket or planter with the flower of your choice in the hole in the chair – your homemade country house decoration for the garden is ready! The flowers in the picture are marigolds (yellow and orange) and petunias (red and purple).

Don’t forget the animals: bird baths and bee pastures

In residential areas, our local animals often have a hard time finding water in summer, which is why bird baths and bee baths are a nice way to help our fauna get going. Birdhouses and nesting boxes can also make a contribution and look great in the garden. Rowan (also known as rowan berry) is a nice idea as a food plant for birds. You can also find more ideas for bee-friendly gardens in the article “ These flowers attract bees, butterflies and bumblebees ” from NDR.

Country house flowers: The right plants and flowers for the country house garden

Of course, flowers and plants should not be missing in the cottage garden or country house garden! The country-style garden blooms almost all year round. Butterflies, bumblebees and bees cavort in the blossoms in spring and summer! Perennials and annual flowers from seeds complement each other in the country house flower bed.

Flame flower (Phlox) – From the ground cover Phlox to the medium-high scented plant

Phlox is a particularly fragrant perennial for the country house garden. The phlox is available in white-flowering, pink-flowering, red-flowering and purple-flowering versions, but two-tone flower variants with great color gradients are also available in stores. Unfortunately, as a cut flower in bouquets, the flame flower does not last that long, but as long as it is in the vase, it spreads its inimitable sweet scent throughout the room. Phlox blooms from May to September, depending on the variety. You can also find out more about Phlox on NDR.

Peony (Paeonia) – A great cut flower in the garden

As the name suggests, the peony usually blooms around Pentecost, i.e. in late May or early July. The perennial plant fits perfectly into the country house bed; with its flowers in romantic white, pink and red tones, it harmonizes with girlish, romantic decorative styles such as shabby chic decoration in the garden. The peony also looks great as a cut flower in a vase, for example as a table decoration for the terrace in the decorated vintage brick shape (e.g. from Dijk Natural Collections).

Lupine (Lupinus) – Colorful forage plant with soil-improving properties

The lupine blooms in many different colors from May to early August: There are lupins in yellow, blue, purple, red and white. There are also two-colored varieties – such a splendor of colors looks great in the country house flower bed! The 80-120 cm high perennials are mostly perennial and hardy. As a member of the legume family, the lupine is able to extract the nitrogen required for growth from the air with the help of nodule bacteria. Some types of lupine (exclusively sweet lupins) are also relevant in food production: for example, lupine tofu is made from sweet lupins, as is gluten-free flour. Warning: Other lupins can be fatally poisonous!

Hydrangeas (Hydrangea) – Beautiful flowers with changing colors

Whether in the English country house garden, in the cottagecore garden, or in the modern country house decoration, the hydrangea is welcome in every cottage garden! As a cut flower in a vase, or preserved as a dried flower, hydrangeas beautify any room. Depending on the pH value of the soil, hydrangeas tend to have a bluish or pinkish-red color. But the beautiful perennial bedding plant is also available commercially in delicate green tones and lovely white tones. The hydrangea should be pruned once a year to prevent it from becoming woody. You can plant hydrangeas either directly in the bed or in a well-sized pot (15 liters or more).

Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla) : Hard-wearing ground cover with velvety leaves

The lady’s mantle looks downright velvety. Drops of water roll off its soft leaves, just like the lotus effect! After a refreshing summer rain, insects find a place to drink in the leaf calyxes, so lady’s mantle is a natural insect potion, so to speak! With sufficient fertilizer and lighting conditions, lady’s mantle is an excellent ground cover that is even sturdy.

Delphinium (Delphinium) – A blue perennial for the cottage garden

The delphinium can reach an impressive size of up to two meters! The impressive perennial blooms in magnificent blue-violet from June, but variants in white or pink are now also available. The tall delphinium is best suited as a background plant in the bed; it benefits from ground cover “at its feet” such as lady’s mantle or periwinkle mentioned above. Delphinium is a popular food plant for insects such as bees and bumblebees. Anyone who has small children should be careful when planting delphiniums, as they are poisonous plants.

Bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) : flowering plants for shade

Bleeding heart is a flowering perennial that grows best in partial shade. Actually native to Korea and China, the bleeding heart produces its pink, or pink-white flowers in May to June. Combined with various types of ferns, the bleeding heart looks good in the shady cottage garden or on the north side of the house. This perennial does not tolerate drought particularly well. The bleeding heart is a poisonous plant and should therefore not be planted in gardens with small children.

Hosta: Shade plant with large leaves

The hosta, also known as hosta, is a large-leaved green plant that can be used well as a ground cover or shade plant in the cottage garden. Its large leaves literally deprive weeds of light to grow. The hosta also thrives in the pot. You don’t have to wait for the hosta to bloom – it’s rather unspectacular. This plant is all about the foliage!


Flowers from seeds: collecting seeds for next year

Some flowers only bloom for one year and then produce seeds for subsequent years. These flowers are particularly easy to propagate.

Sunflower (Helianthus) – Large garden flower and all-rounder

Wonderful cut flower, insect-friendly bee pasture, food plant for birds, oil plant – the sunflower is an incredibly diverse garden plant! Sown in fertile garden soil in April or May, it shows its cheerful flowers from July. In addition to the typical yellow sunflowers, there are now also red-flowering and pale yellow, almost white-flowering sunflowers. In the fall you can either leave the sunflower seeds to the birds, collect them to snack on, or dry them as seeds to grow sunflowers again next year. You can also grow sunflowers as a healthy microgreen as a topping on bread or as a crunchy addition to a salad.


Decorative basket (Cosmea bipinnata) – colorful and delicate flower for the cottage garden

The decorative basket, also called cosmee, or cosmea, blooms in summer in white, pink, red, orange and yellow. The attractive flowers are quite easy to grow from seeds, so it’s best to start in April. Cosmeas are not only pretty flowers in the cottage garden, they are also suitable as cut flowers from your own garden. In wildly romantic bouquets combined with other flowers and grasses, they look particularly good in the country house vase on the table. When the flowers of the decorative basket have faded in late summer, you can simply harvest the seeds and save them for next year.

Decorative basket

Poppy (Papaver) – uncomplicated beauty for beds

Opium poppy, corn poppy, Californian gold poppy, silk poppy, Icelandic poppy – There are so many beautiful types of poppies. The poppy blossom is not suitable as a fresh cut flower because it loses its petals so quickly, but the dried seed pods of the poppy make a great dried flower decoration ! The poppy seeds are sown at the end of March to April, and then flowers appear continuously from late May. In late summer you can harvest the dried inflorescences as decoration. If you collect the seeds, you will have your own seeds for you and your friends, but poppies often simply reseed themselves!


Marigold (Calendula) – undemanding flower with yellow flowers

Marigold was already known to Hildegard von Bingen as a medicinal plant; for example, calendula essence and calendula ointment can be made from its flowers. The pretty plant blooms in orange and yellow in summer. If you sow the calendula in spring, you can enjoy the splendor of its flowers in summer. After flowering, you can collect the seeds and plant them next year or give them away to other gardening enthusiasts. The petals of the marigold are also edible flowers.


Decoration for the flower bed: bed plugs and rust decoration for the garden

In addition to flowers, ornamental trees and other plants, you can also create eye-catchers in the garden with plugs for the bed and rusty decorations. Flower-shaped plugs or the cute bicycle plugs (Posiwio) are particularly suitable for the country house garden.

Berry bushes and fruit trees in the garden

In addition to the colorful flowers and perennials, edible plants are also a great idea for your garden with a country house look: currants, gooseberries, raspberries and thornless blackberries delight your taste buds in summer: gooseberry cake, currant slices, raspberry jam – simply delicious! Fruit trees such as apples, cherries, pears and co. They are also available in nurseries in dwarf forms so that the annual fruit tree pruning and harvesting are not so strenuous.

Berry bushes and fruit trees in the garden