A Return to The Origins of The Clock with This Great Concept of Smartwatch

Seems to have stuck in the head than the smartwatches they have to be devices with futuristic look and come in some alien spacecraft design. There are some that are not in accordance with this, and among them Gábor Balogh It has encouraged to propose their own ideas.

Keeping the traditional values and qualityHaving carefully selected functionsEasy pairing with a smartphoneSmudge-free handling

Under these premises, Gabor has put hands to work and has raised a number of designs of what for him should be a smartwatch: Goodbye to the futuristic lines and a return to the more classical wrist watches, but of course not forgetting the technological level. The screen would allow multiple functionalities, from the own watch (that of course you can customize is to the taste of the user, from the needles more traditional up to possibilities as digital clock) until everything related with the our smartphone synchronization.

In regard to interaction with the phone, the mentioned screen would be changing according to different needs. It would show the coordinates of the location, maps and State of reproduction of audio, calendar or weather forecasting, to give some examples. We must not forget all the question of reception of calls, messages, e-mails or other notifications, all along a line where Gabor has demonstrated an exquisite taste.

Unfortunately this is nothing more than a concept, a prototype and a design idea. But to Caesar what is Caesar’s: would love to be a real product, because it looks spectacular.