Advertising on the Smartwatch: Look into the Crystal Ball

Banner advertising on a Smartwatch is certainly not much fun. For advertisers, because user immediately would click away you and certainly not for the users themselves. An Indian marketing agency can now look into the crystal ball.

But first the good news: the advertising industry is at least clear that the user has not purchased the Smartwatch then with advertising banners to be been booming. The small display anyway hardly admits it. Therefore you must leave something else come up. The potential is there at least.

Manjunath Padigar, sales and Marketing Director of the Indian software company Tecsol paints out themselves in a new blog entry, the advertising of the future on Smartwatches would look like. Because the advantage: the smart watches on the wrist know far more about the user than you think.

For example, It likes to drink coffee. If you want a Smartwatch at some point in the morning to work for example navigate you, then the clock before a caffee passes you. A chain that has paid for them, for example. This is advertising as a service. And that could be future according to Padigar.