Agent Smartwatch: Release Still Unknown

The agent Smartwatch is a successfully funded on Kickstarter watch that talk last year made. But since then it is quiet around the Pebble- competitors. We refresh.

The agent Smartwatch is compatible with iPhones, Android devices and Windows phone 8 and connects via Bluetooth 4.0. Accordingly, the smart watch can display also phone calls and messages from the phone directly on your wrist. The control of the music will be easily possible. Still, the agent vibrates once tear down the connection to the Smartphone. This can be considered as an indicator, if you even forget the phone.

On the 1.28-inch memory display (128 x 128 pixel), but also the demand of current is weather data or fitness data, such as distance or heart rate feasible. The battery life should be 7 days. If only the time is displayed and nothing else, then that agent even 30 days through. The Smartwatch is rechargeable via a Qi charger in contrast to other Smartwatches, which can be recharged via USB only.

The functionality of the agent can be extended via apps programmed with NET Micro framework – so the plan. Because currently, the agent Smartwatch is not yet available. We have checked with the manufacturer in relation to a release and will inform you as soon as there is something new.