Android Wear Vs Tizen Vs AppleWatch Which Allows Each System to Day of Today?

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This year, in a matter of four months, you have configured a new Board of operating systems. First was the battle for operating systems for computers, later of mobile and now we return to reduce the size to speak of the platform that we will carry on our smartwatch clock.

With the emergence of Apple Watch, watches with Tizen with Samsung and Android Wear are three large players fighting for our doll. A career that has just begun and where each one tries to offer the best experience possible to become a privileged place of our body. What does each one today? It’s time to analyze it in detail.

AppleWatch, the new comes prepared

Apple is the last to arrive but how as it happened with the iPhone or the iPad has understood what it means to get into a new category of product: software and ecosystem. Perhaps physically Watch not like everyone, but neither did the first editions of their smartphones and tablets. However, your bet as a platform is very complete.

We assume that bubble nebula that allows us to see all the applications we have installed in the clock with Crown and the touch screen handling interface and open each one of them. The continuity has taken much care so experience does not differ when we jump from an app to another.

What we do with it? At the moment Apple has shown us the possibility of receive notifications on the clock from the mobile and the possibility of responding to some with automatic messages based on the content. In some applications, there will be an automatic reading of the text and according to what you say a series of answers will provide us to reply quickly without having to remove the iPhone from your Pocket.

In the part of messaging surprisingly, the effort they have made to bring communication to our wrist. Not only to answer text messages or make calls if not by this system have to have our friends and favorite contacts on the small screen of the Apple Watch. We can send them squiggles of light, animated emoticons and even our beats so that they receive them also in their respective clocks.

You will also have a navigation system to follow through the watch when we go walking down the street. All, of course, with map of Apple service. We can control the music wirelessly, follow our appointments on the calendar, control our cards and banknotes from Passbook in addition to using Apple Pay, when you arrive, to pay just to move the clock by the Contactless reader.

There are some details curious as to control Apple TV from the watch and others a bit more doubtful as to control the iPhone’s camera from the watch or the ability to see photos from the screen of the Apple Watch. Siri will also be present and We can “talk” to the clock to perform commands like on the iPhone.

In the presentation of iOS 8 saw that Apple wanted to plunge into the world of health and fitness with an application to track our daily activity and measure different variables. Tim Cook defined Apple Watch as a device that will take us to see the world of sport with other eyes. An ambitious phrase but we must recognize that its commitment is firm.

We have services to quantify how many steps is and thanks to the coprocessor sensors M8 iPhone will know if we are running, walking or by bike. The application and the way in which shows the data resembles polar clock coming between the screensaver that includes Mac OS X.

To all this must be added to the standard applications as alarms, follow the stock market and, as no, give time. In fact, we can customize this last section with many covers of all types. Last but least, we have everything to do with the platform for developers.

WatchKit is the tool that Apple makes available from the creators of applications so that they can start to nourish the ecosystem of Apple Watch, with native developments or introducing features of connectivity between the iPhone and the clock. They are the last to arrive but your bet is very strong and they also have the added value of having managed to consolidate a platform like iOS and give confidence to a whole community of developers.

Android Wear, the bet of Google

Google with Android Wear seeks a model similar to that already made with Android. Create a “universal” platform enabling to any manufacturer create your watch without worrying too much about the part of the software. At the moment it has already found five partners (ASUS, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony) and everything points to that the coming year will be added many others.

The interface is part of a system of tabs in which sliding your finger vertically can jump from one application to another while that doing so horizontally we navigate the menus of each one of them. All touch, although some models are beginning to incorporate a physical button also.

The bet of Android Wear as a platform is based on which it already settled with Google Now: providing contextual information to be useful in every moment. On the one hand we have notices that come from mobile phones, which can answer from the own watch with predefined messages, although this here won’t have answers depending on the content.

We also have Google Now to use the built-in microphone of the mobile and do searches or commands through the clock. Recently we saw in video and the feeling that gave us is that this section of Mountain View have to improve a bit still with the recognition, something that is surprising because the phone goes really well.

The maps are present through Google Maps and we can use navigation service to go step by step from a site to another following the directions from the watch. Everything about exercise is also present but at the moment is the platform that made it way more timid: we can tell you steps and find the distance traveled but at the moment nothing more.

In regards to third-party applications, Google already released the SDK for Android Wear and bring us a time see how it grows. Time the most interesting thing that we’ve seen has been integration of mobile applications in the clock through notifications, and demo mode, to ordering food at home.

Although it is the platform that most watches available today, There are some shortcomings with respect to competition. In fact, the manufacturers themselves have confirmed that some of its models have sensors that are not compatible with the current version of Android Wear at the moment. All indications are that before the end of the year we will have a review and, with it, new features and improvements.

Tizen, Samsung continues its own way

When last year Samsung introduced its first smart watch still did not exist neither Apple Watch nor Android Wear, at least not publicly. Koreans decided to bet on its own platform, and although the original experience with Galaxy Gear did not finish Jell, with Tizen have established the basis for their smartwatches.

With Gear S reached the climax in the brief, but intense, life of Tizen as a platform. Its great differential point is found in autonomy from the mobile. You have SIM card gives you independence and connectivity. Something that makes it unique since for example we can do sports and go out only with watch and headphones bluetooth for listening to music and going to receive information.

Samsung You searched for allies of weight to enhance Tizen and has a navigation system provided by Here as well as a Nike application to enhance everything related to the sport, aside from the health S application that comes integrated to take advantage to the sensors that are included on the phone: accelerometer, gyroscope, beats…

Also we have the functions that we can consider more generic and they all have in common: notifications from mobile, weather, stock exchange information, time… The SDK is also available to enable workers to develop with it but for now it seems that their main trump card will be the agreements that have already closed with different companies and services.

While Android Wear stays almost the same from one device to another, in the case of Samsung with Tizen there are large differences between the 2 Gear Fit and Gear S. Factor form is crucial, and here the Koreans have decided to convert to its latest model in the reference and the most complete of the three (four if we count Gear 2 Neo) models that have this platform.