Australia is a Country of Many Opportunities

In Australia, landscapes range from tropical rainforests to vast deserts and the hustle and bustle of big cities. Australia is the sixth largest state in the world and the only country to cover the entire continent alone.

Known for its long sandy beaches, warm climate, relaxed way of life and exotic animals, Australia is of great interest to Finnish tourists. Traveling to a destination on the other side of the globe usually takes longer than a regular holiday, and for most, a visit to Australia is a once in a lifetime experience.

A diverse southern wonderland

The island nation and mainland Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, and its name comes from the Latin word australis , southern. There are many animals living in Australia that the rest of the world has only read from magazines or seen video clips on television. Kangaroos, koalas and many other strange creatures can be seen on the Australian skin.

The geography of the continent is also very diverse. In the eastern part of flat Australia, the Australian Cordillera rise, on the slopes of which it is even possible to ski. For the most part, the land is desert or savannah, and only the east coast has tropical and subtropical rainforests.

Australia’s most interesting tourist cities are located on the southeast coast of the country, but South and South West Australia are also popular tourist destinations. The hinterland and the north coast, on the other hand, are destinations with a much smaller population than the south coast.

In Australia you can see many animals that are familiar to Finns only from television and books.


Seasons unlike us

Short for AU by abbreviationfinder, Australia is a vast and diverse country with climatic conditions that vary according to parts of the country. There is a hot climate zone in the northern parts of the country, a warm climate in the central parts and a temperate climate in the southern parts.

As you head to Australia, it’s good to remember that as you move south of the equator, the seasons turn on their heads. Thus, midsummer, in Finnish, takes place in the heart of winter, around January. Most Finns travel to Australia when it is winter in their home country.

The best time to travel to Australia is from November to April, when temperatures are handsomely above 20 degrees almost everywhere. In Sydney, for example, the average temperature at the turn of the year is around 21 degrees.

Interesting nature takes you with it

According to countryaah, Australia has been isolated from other continents for long periods of its history, so Australian nature has been allowed to develop uniquely in peace. There are animal and plant species in Australia that are not found anywhere else on earth.

The most well-known Australian specialties are eucalyptus and the continent’s rich species of marsupials. Poultry animals include, for example, more than 50 species of kangaroo, koala and vompat. The country’s special fauna also includes the water beak animal.

Australia’s many nature parks, where you can explore the country’s interesting wildlife and meet and clap cute koalas and kangaroos, are among the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

Visit major cities of interest

In addition to natural wonders, Australia also has cities whose hustle and bustle expresses itself as a traveler. Most of the country’s approximately 20.4 million inhabitants live in large coastal cities.

Sydney, with more than four million inhabitants, is at the top of the list of interesting cities . The city’s appeal is based on architectural masterpieces, a relaxed atmosphere and personal neighborhoods.

Based on the population, Melbourne ranks second among Australian cities . The city, which is the scene of the Australian Open tennis tournament and the Formula 1 competition, has a taste for even the most demanding of urban culture.

In addition to the aforementioned metropolises, the country’s third largest city, Brisbane , the west coast of Perth and idyllic Adelaide are popular destinations among tourists.

Australia is quite an expensive destination

The price level in Australia may surprise a Finnish tourist, because in many other travel destinations it is almost invariably cheaper than in Finland, the price level in Australia is almost similar to that in Finland.

It’s a good idea to prepare for a trip with a decent budget, as the price of a hotel, for example, starts at around 50 euros per night. On the long haul, accommodation takes up a significant portion of the holiday budget, which is why many holidaymakers end up working against accommodation or prefering hostels over hotels.

Eating in Australia is also largely the same price as in Finland. So it’s not worth dreaming about top-cheap restaurant dinners or cheap bar nights in Australia.

Australian culture is easy for Finns

The Finn does not face significant cultural differences in Australia, as the local culture is uncomplicated and there are no dress codes, for example. Good manners, common sense and consideration for others go a long way in Australia as well.

A person who speaks English is doing well in Australia, as the official language of the country is English. The local accent takes an unfamiliar time to understand, but the more locals you encounter during your holiday trip, the sooner Australian English will begin to feel familiar. Several indigenous languages ​​are also spoken in Australia.


Because of the long distances, moving between cities may be the wisest thing to do by flying.

Long flight to your destination

Due to the long distance, there are no direct flights from Finland to Australia. The destination is therefore flown through at least one change of aircraft. For example, Singapore, Doha and Hong Kong are popular exchange destinations on the way from Finland to Australia.

For example, Qatar Airways , Cathay Pacific and Air China offer flights from Finland to Australia. The journey from the northern part of the globe to the southern end takes just over a day. The flight time is at its fastest about 30 hours, but can take much longer depending on the aircraft changes.

In addition to long travel times, it is worth preparing for relatively expensive flights. At its cheapest, flights from Helsinki to Sydney cost about 700 euros, but the prices of flights usually move closer to a thousand euros.

There is enough accommodation

Australia’s largest cities – and at the same time the most popular tourist destinations – are at least adequate in terms of accommodation. Almost regardless of location, there are hostels, mid-range hotels and luxury suites.

However, living in hotels in the country is not completely free or even cheap. It is good for tourists to be prepared to shell out approximately the same amounts for living as in Finland. For example, a hostel night in a shared room costs about 15 euros, a hotel night in a modest accommodation at least 50 euros.

In addition to traditional hotels and hostels, tourists are increasingly choosing home accommodation, which is often cheaper than traditional accommodation.

Many opportunities for movement

In Australia’s major cities, mobility is handled conveniently by public transport. In Sydney and Melbourne, for example, metro connections are comprehensive.

Although Australia is a huge country, most of its major cities are located on the east side of the island. You can get between these, for example, by train. There is also a train connection to Perth on the west coast, but on a domestic flight, the journey naturally folds faster.


Located in the central part of the country, Uluru is on the dream list of many visitors to Australia, but misses due to the long distance.

Pulsating Sydney

Sydney is often called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The panorama of Sydney, as a combination of white buildings, lush vegetation and the sea and clear skies, is the epitome of a sweet big city.

The city is worth a look on a harbor cruise or ferry, where you can admire Sydney’s famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge from the parade ground. Cruises depart from Circular Quay from the city center. If you want to start your holiday with a couple of degrees more amazing experience, you should take part in a Bridge Climb climbing trip on the harbor bridge.

Australia is especially known for its relaxed beach culture. At its best, Australian beach life is on the famous beaches of Bond and Manly. In all, Sydney has more than 30 sandy beaches, among which there are first-class places for surfers as well.

Sydney is a shopper’s paradise with shopping or department stores in the Queen Victoria Building and Pitt Street Mall in the center. Sydney’s famous nightlife centers are considered to be the Kings Cross and Oxford Street areas, of which Kings Cross in particular is popular with backpackers.

Nice nightlife can also be found in The Rocks ’restaurant and entertainment area, which is a fun mix of new and old. The historic buildings of The Rocks and the lively cultural offerings of the old timber shops attract a lot of tourists.

From Sydney it is easy to continue your journey to other fascinating destinations and cities in Australia. A particularly great way to travel along the continent is to hop aboard the glorious The South Pacific Express train and depart for Brisbane or Cairns, or take the Indian Pacific train across the continent to Perth.

The metropolis of Melbourne

Located just southeast of Australia, Melbourne is the second largest city in the country after Sydney. It is a true metropolis with almost four million inhabitants take care of the fact that the city remains vibrant and lively city around the clock.

Despite its large size, Melbourne is a city that is easily accessible to tourists. Melbourne city center is regionally dense but rich in offerings: everything from art and music to good food and sports.

The most popular meeting place in the city is Federation Square, which, despite its liveliness, has an atmospheric and warm atmosphere. From here it is good to head towards other attractions in Melbourne. At least the city’s zoo and museum are worth a visit, not forgetting, of course, Melbourne’s numerous markets and other shopping attractions.

Australia is a country of many opportunities

Adelaide, Australian scale model

With over a million inhabitants, Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, where you can experience the whole of Australia in miniature.

The wide boulevards of the center change imperceptibly into more atmospheric neighborhoods, while cultural sites find their counterbalance to Adelaide’s attractive food and wine offerings.

You can take a break from the bustle of the city in one of Adelaide’s cozy parks. Alternatively, you can head to the beach or even hop on a boat and swim among the dolphins just twenty minutes from the city center.


The best city destinations

  1. Sydney
  2. Melbourne
  3. Adelaide
  4. Brisbane
  5. Perth

The finest natural wonders

  1. Great Barrier Reef
  2. Ayer’s Rock
  3. Kangaroo Island
  4. Outback
  5. Tasmania

Wine from Australia

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