Beltrami County, Minnesota

Beltrami County, Minnesota is located in the northwestern part of the state and is bordered by Roseau County to the north, Itasca County to the east, Cass County to the south, and Clearwater and Hubbard Counties to the west. The county covers an area of 1,873 square miles and has a population of approximately 44,000 people.

The terrain of Beltrami County is diverse and includes both flat prairies and heavily wooded areas. The northern part of the county is comprised mostly of coniferous forests while the southern region is characterized by mixed deciduous forests. There are also a number of wetlands scattered throughout the county such as Lake Bemidji State Park which provides visitors with opportunities for fishing, camping, hiking, and more.

The majority of Beltrami County’s land area is devoted to agriculture with large farms producing corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, oats, potatoes, sugar beets and other crops. In addition to farming activities there are also several small towns scattered throughout Beltrami County that provide services such as retail stores and restaurants for local residents as well as visitors from neighboring counties.

Beltrami County has an abundance of natural attractions including several lakes such as Lake Bemidji which is popular for fishing and boating activities. The county also contains several state parks including Itasca State Park which features some of Minnesota’s most stunning landscapes with its dense forests and rolling hillsides. In addition to its natural beauty Beltrami County also offers a wealth of cultural attractions such as museums, theaters, art galleries and historical sites that attract visitors from all over Minnesota.

Beltrami County, Minnesota

Country Seat and Other Main Cities of Beltrami County, Minnesota

The county seat of Beltrami County, Minnesota is located in the city of Bemidji. This city is situated on the south shore of Lake Bemidji and is home to a population of approximately 15,000 people. Bemidji is known for its vibrant downtown area which features a variety of shops, restaurants, and galleries as well as a thriving arts community. This city also serves as the cultural hub for much of Beltrami County and plays host to many popular festivals throughout the year such as the Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon and Festival.

According to, there are several other cities located throughout Beltrami County. Blackduck is located in the northern part of the county and has a population of about 1,000 people. This small town is known for its logging industry as well as its annual Blackduck Blueberry Festival which takes place every summer and celebrates local culture with food, music, and activities for all ages.

Further south lies Tenstrike where visitors can enjoy fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish or explore nearby Itasca State Park. Tenstrike has a population of approximately 600 people but it still boasts plenty of amenities such as restaurants, bars, stores, and more.

Finally, there’s Solway which lies just east of Bemidji along Highway 2. Solway offers visitors plenty to do including camping at Turtle River State Park or exploring one of its many trails that wind through the surrounding woods. With a population just over 300 people this small town has plenty to offer those looking for an escape from their everyday lives.

History of Beltrami County, Minnesota

Beltrami County, Minnesota is located in the northwest region of the state and has a long and varied history. The area was first settled by Native American tribes such as the Ojibwe, Dakota, and Cree who were drawn to the region due to its abundance of resources. The first Europeans to explore the area were French fur traders who arrived in the late 18th century.

In 1825, Beltrami County was officially established as part of the Wisconsin Territory. During this time, logging became an important industry for the area as settlers cleared forests to make way for farms and communities. In 1847, Minnesota became a state and Beltrami County was incorporated into it.

The late 19th century saw an influx of immigrants from Europe which helped spur growth in many parts of Beltrami County. These new settlers brought with them various traditions and cultures which are still present Today, throughout much of the county’s towns and cities.

During World War II, many men from Beltrami County joined the military to fight overseas while those back home worked in factories producing supplies for the war effort. Afterward, much of Beltrami County’s economy shifted towards tourism as people began to visit its stunning natural landscapes such as Lake Bemidji and Itasca State Park. Today, Beltrami County is known for its vibrant culture and abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities that attract visitors from all over Minnesota.

Economy of Beltrami County, Minnesota

Beltrami County, Minnesota is located in the northwest region of the state and has a diverse and growing economy. The county’s main industries are agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and energy. Agriculture has been an important part of the county’s economy for centuries, and Today, it is still a major source of income for many local farmers. Many farmers in the area grow corn, soybeans, hay, and wheat which are used to feed livestock or produce food products.

Manufacturing is also an important industry in Beltrami County. The county is home to several large factories that produce various products such as paper products, medical devices, and automotive parts. These factories employ thousands of people from the area which helps stimulate the local economy.

Tourism has become increasingly important to Beltrami County over the past few decades as visitors flock to its stunning natural landscapes such as Lake Bemidji and Itasca State Park. Visitors come from all over Minnesota and beyond to experience these unique attractions which help support local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, stores, and more.

Finally, energy is an important part of Beltrami County’s economy as well. The county has several wind farms that generate electricity for both commercial use and private homes throughout the area. Additionally, there are several oil wells located in Beltrami County which provide jobs for many workers throughout the region.

Overall, Beltrami County has a diverse economy that provides jobs for many people throughout the region. From agriculture to energy production there are plenty of opportunities available for those looking to make a living in this beautiful part of Minnesota.