Bike 360 Teaches Its Wireless Charging Station and a Heart Rate Sensor

All information that arrives on bike 360 interests us, above any other Android Wear It appears or going to do in the coming months. Its unique design, and much work over since to get to be a reference in the platform, do register as one of the most anticipated devices of the year.

They are beginning to come to light users that have units in their hands, and who – with or without permission – begin to show image galleries that allow us to discover new details and specifications of the clock.

We can consider that they are the first images that show their abilities of Wireless charging, Since it appears next to the charger. As you can see, is a small charging station which stands watch with the screen out, so that we can continue to see the time and State of charge in an appealing way.

The material also found the appearance of the interior of the watch area, it is us ahead to comply with the certification of resistance IP 67, account with pedometer, and sensor of heart rate. The body is made in stainless steel.

The fact that the sensors are in continuous contact with the arm ensures easy and constant monitoring. No more I leave you with the complete gallery of MisterGadget people, to see if you help us to discover anything new:

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