Blancpain: What Is The Difference Between The Complications Of The Tourbillon And The Carousel?

In the video, watch expert Jeff Kingston explains the complex watch functions

Blancpain takes a unique position in watchmaking, combining two complications, which serve the accuracy of gait–the Tourbillon and the carousel–in a wristwatch. The carousel was originally designed to counteract gravity and compensate for gait deviations. In this respect, both regulating organs are identical. But even for watch connoisseurs, it is a challenge to understand the difference between a tourbillon and a carousel.

Luckily, Blancpain created two models that are perfect as a visual object to identify the differences and commonalities between the two complications: the model Le Brassus tourbillon Carrousel (2013 launched) and the L-Evolution C tourbillon Carrousel (2015 launches). In the English-language video, the independent watch expert Jeff Kingston explains what the differences are.

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