Block: Smartwatch to the Buildable with Android Wear?

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Already we have informed you in March over the start of the project of block. Now, there are more details on the Smartwatch to the buildable.

Block is basically a modular Smartwatch. As we first reported about the upcoming watch what’s only a concept. Now the makers have managed to implement the project for the first time on a 3D printer in reality. Although the result still somewhat bulky looks, but screw the developers just tuned, to shrink the individual components that the users can combine freely with each other.

Now it turns out it is, you can see it on the screen, giving different display forms – be it round, oblong or square – the customer must decide. This can he turn snap, for example, a GPS module, heart rate monitor, a microphone, or even a SIM card slot. Additional batteries us many more components will be available. Third-party can set up themselves their own blocks and offer.

Block Smartwatch with Android wear?

The new info, which blocks will place on Android Wear makes us somewhat puzzled. Because the Google operating system from the outset excludes iOS users and is compatible for E-Ink displays, as she also want to offer block. Maybe even yourself through the operating system – users choose who knows…

Crowdfounding in autumn

Block also now has announced that one campaign wants to start a Crowdfounding starting in the autumn, to scrape together the necessary capital. A date for a potential release but remains behind closed doors. Block keeps covered also on prices. It is estimated that the clock in the basic equipment cost $200 and then – depending on the used blocks – up to $400 expensive is.