Bolivia – The land of diversity on the continent of adventure

Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia = The Multinational State of Bolivia – that’s their official name. It’s high here. The Andes have given the conditions the people have refined them. Here you will find an enormous biological diversity. From the Andes to the Amazon. From Condors to River Dolphins and Anacondas. Hiking, trekking, kayaking, bus – ing, train – ing yes there are many means of transport you can use and it is eventful every day. Short BOL for by abbreviationfinder, Bolivia is a country located in South America listed on countryaah.

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Bolivia – 21 days

Day 1 Departure from Sweden

Day 2 Arrival in La Paz

Upon arrival, you will be met by your English-speaking guide for further transport to your hotel. The rest of the day is free to explore La Paz on your own

Day 3 La Paz

Free day in La Paz.

Day 4 La Paz – Oruro – Uyuni

In the morning you will be accompanied by a bus that will take you to Oruro where the train is waiting for further travel towards Uyuni. It is a fascinating but long train journey that awaits so recharge with fruit and water. Before departure from Oruro there is also time for lunch and during the journey the train stops on several occasions when it is possible to stretch your legs. You will arrive in Uyuni during the evening where you will easily stay at La Joya Hotel.

Day 5 – 6 Uyuni – Salar De Uyuni

For three days, you and your guide will explore this, to say the least, strange area with salt deserts. You spend the night at the home of people who have it very simple but where the hospitality is great. At dawn you experience the sunrise over the salt sea it is cold but the colors and views are fantastic. In the middle of the desert is Isla de los Cactus, the most impressive of the small “islands” that stand out in the snow-white area with an incredible cactus landscape with individual specimens that are up to 12 meters high. Late in the afternoon day 3 you return to Uyuni to spend the night again at La Joya Hotel.

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Day 7 Uyuni – Potosi

In the morning you take a bus to Potosi (approx. 6 hours) which in the middle of the 16th century quickly became one of the world’s largest cities when a llama shepherd discovered silver in Potosi. The inhabitants of Potosi are very proud of their culture which is very much alive through music, dance and several festivals during the year.

Day 8 Potosi

Today you make a trip to the famous silver mines that made Potosi famous all over the world. Most of the mines are located in Sumaj Orko, the silver mountain that rises above the city. You also visit Casa Real de la Moneda, the mint that has one of South America’s most interesting museums.

Day 9 Potosi – Sucre

The journey by bus to Sucre takes 4 hours. Sucre, which is Bolivia’s administrative capital and is often called the “White City of America” ​​due to the many white colonial buildings with red tiles. With one of Bolivia’s largest universities, museums, shops and restaurants, Sucre has a young and energetic atmosphere. The markets also attract with different types of food, colorful textiles, crafts and other products. In the afternoon you do a city tour with a guide.

Day 10 Tarabuco Market

Today you visit the very colorful market in Tarabuco, an excellent opportunity to shop the local very beautiful textiles.

Day 11 Sucre – La Paz

Transfer to the airport for flights to La Paz. On arrival you will receive a transfer to your hotel in La Paz

Day 12 La Paz – Rurrenabaque

During the flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque, you will pass some of Bolivia’s highest peaks and travel through several climate zones to finally see Rio Madidi’s winding journey through the Amazon before landing on the grassy runway on the border with Madidi National Park. After transport to your guest house, the rest of the day is free to explore Rurrenabaque which is a cozy little village with fantastic sunsets on the river bank.

Day 13-14 Chalalan Eco Lodge

You travel in a motor canoe on the Rio Beni through the spectacular Bala canyon and further up along the Rio Tuichi. After 4 hours drive and a short hike you reach Chalalán Lodge beautifully situated by the small lagoon Chalalán. For 3 days you will get to take part in the nature guides’ knowledge during hikes in the rainforest and paddling on the lagoon. You are in one of the world’s most unknown nature reserves here, there are more plants and animal species than anywhere else in South America.

Day 15-17 Pampas

You leave Chalalan in the morning and continue to explore a completely different type of nature, the large wetlands that in Boliva are called Pampas. You stay comfortably for 2 nights at the Caracoles Inn Lodge on the river bank by the Yacuma River from here you make guided excursions to find anaconda, pink river dolphins, howler monkeys, Capyvaras, tapirs and much more. In the afternoon day 3 you return to Rurrenabaque to spend the night before returning by plane to La Paz.

Day 18 Rurrenabaque – La Paz

Fly back to La Paz we arrival transfer to your hotel.

Day 19 La Paz

Day 20 – 21 Return to Sweden.

Belize - Rainforest, Mayan remains and coral reefs