Bremen and Hamburg, Germany


Which child does not know the history of the Bremen Town Musicians, the animals who set out to musically conquer the world. Today there is a monument to these figures from the world of fables in Bremen and is a source of joy among tourists and visitors.

Bremen itself is a municipality and at the same time the capital of the state of Bremen. This is a so-called two-city state and includes the city of Bremen as well as the city of Bremerhaven. Bremen is one of the European metropolitan regions and is an important transshipment point for shipping.

Landscape and life in Bremen

The Weser runs through Bremen, merges into the Outer Weser at Bremerhaven and flows into the further course North Sea. The Weser was not only expanded into a shipping route in the port area of ​​Bremen and is used for transport. The Weser was an important route for trade, transportation and locomotion from an early age. Due to its proximity to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg (Bremen and Hamburg are only 110 kilometers apart), these two cities are culturally and economically similar.
The Weser also plays an important role in the landscape; the river is also referred to as a historically grown and natural border. Even today a distinction is often made between left of the Weser and right of the Weser.

The current federal waterway of the Weser divides the inner city of Bremen in two halves. To the left of the Weser denotes the southern urban area.

The nature in Bremen

The landscapes of Bremen have a lot to offer. In order to adequately protect this nature and its beauty, a total of 17 nature reserves were created in the Bremen region. The largest park and at the same time also the most popular are the Borgfelder Wümmewiesen. In addition, the Ochtum lowlands, the Hollerland and the Werderland are well-known nature reserves.

The history of Bremen

It was the Weser that gave the historical basis for the development of today’s Bremen. The first settlers came to the region between the 1st and 8th centuries and established the first settlements and villages along the course of the Weser. They lived on a long dune, which offered people protection from floods. they also had access to a ford.

Bremen became a well-known and wealthy merchant settlement up to the 8th century. A bishopric was also founded here. The region’s population grew steadily. So the area soon no longer concentrated only on the city on the Weser, but also expanded significantly in terms of area. In the further course of history, the region grew strongly and became an important business location for the Hanseatic League.
The merchants, however, found it increasingly difficult to send their ships off. For example, the first artificial harbor in Germany was planned by Dutch designers on behalf of Bremen and built between 1619 and 1623.

As early as 1783 it was the merchants of the Bremen region to start direct trade with the USA. They built up a steady overseas trade and transatlantic traffic. Bremen thus played an important role in German international overseas trade.

A maritime trade outpost was created in Bremerhaven in 1827 due to the silting up of the Weser. In the further course of history, Bremerhaven was incorporated into the Bremen region and is still part of it today.


Hanseatic League, Reeperbahn, musicals and lots of sailor’s yarn, all of this is combined in Hamburg. Above all, visiting old ships, like the Rickmer Rickmers in the Port of Hamburg, is an absolute must of a vacation in Hamburg.

Hamburg is a Free Hanseatic City and an independent state of the Federal Republic of Germany. 1.8 million people live in Hamburg, which makes the city the second largest metropolis in Germany.

Economy and life in Hamburg

One of the main livelihoods of the population is fishing and maritime transport. Due to the optimal location of Hamburg on the North Sea and the well-developed sea roads, the city and its port are one of the most important business locations in the world. Industry and trade have also been booming in the region for decades, ensuring a steady upswing.
In addition to all the technical side, there are also amusements Not too short. Tourism and the associated cultural events such as theater, musicals and not to forget the Hamburger SV, the city’s Bundesliga club, offer additional sources of income for the people of Hamburg.

In addition, the metropolitan region is an important location for the media. TV stations, publishers and radio locations are lined up here.

Tourism in Hamburg

Every year around 4 million people come to Hamburg to take a vacation, to take a cure or simply to see the wonderful city. Hamburg has many tourist destinations, the city also has an excellent tourist infrastructure.

Among other things, the Hamburg city center is located at the center of visitor interest. This is one of the visitor magnets with the Inner Alster. There are numerous historical buildings here, and it has been equipped with a promenade and shopping mile. In summer, numerous street cafes invite you to linger.

The port of Hamburg and the St. Pauli jetties there are also popular. Anyone who is already in the region should also take a look at the Reeperbahn area. There is a lot to experience on the “sinful mile”.

The Michel is a landmark of the city. The fish market should not be missed either. Anyone who is staying in Hamburg at the time of the port birthday party must definitely experience this event.

The city is also recognized in artistic circles. A lively artists’ quarter is at home here. The musical performances enjoy an excellent international reputation. The world’s best musicals are presented to the audience here at the highest level. Many visitors only come to the city for these events.

For quieter moments, take a walk on the beach. A stronger wind usually blows here, but it provides a pleasant cooling in summer. The beach is a popular destination for residents and holidaymakers, especially in the summer months. The tidal currents also allow great and interesting mudflat walks, where you can learn a lot about the local life underwater.
On the occasion, you should definitely try the fish-prepared Hamburg North Sea shrimps cost, an absolute specialty.

Hamburg, Germany