Bulgaria – a Sunny and Affordable Beach Resort

Sunny Bulgaria offers a relaxing beach holiday and affordable shopping in the Black Sea landscape. Read the Beach Ball Destination Guide and plan your own vacation.

The beaches of the Black Sea are tempting to spend the summer in Bulgaria

Known as a low-cost tourist destination, Bulgaria is especially famous for its beach resorts. Good transport connections and varied activities attract both package and self-employed tourists all year round. The most popular tourist season is the summer season, when the Black Sea beach destinations are filled with tourists.

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According to countryaah, Bulgaria is located in the Balkans in southeastern Europe. The country bordering the Black Sea is bordered by Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia and Romania. Short for BG by abbreviationfinder, Bulgaria is especially known for its beach resorts. There are numerous holiday towns on the Black Sea coast that are also popular with family holidaymakers. However, you can also spend an active holiday in Bulgaria, for example on hiking, water sports and golf.

Throughout its history, Bulgaria has been at the interface of many cultural influences. Slavic, Turkish and Greek influences can be seen in the country’s culture. The colorful folklore lives especially in the small villages of Bulgaria, as well as in song and dance groups, but it is equally visible in the country’s capital, Sofia. It is an understatement to consider Bulgaria as a mere beach or party destination, as there are also fascinating historical sites in the country’s cities.

The most well-known and popular resorts in Bulgaria are Sunny Beach, Varna Golden Sands and Albena. Sozopol is one of the popular sun holiday destinations on the Black Sea coast.

A summer destination for the whole family

Summers in Bulgaria are hot, dry and sunny, with plenty of heat from May to September. Summer season temperatures typically remain at 25 to 30 degrees, but sometimes mercury can rise as high as 40 degrees. Winters, on the other hand, are mild, but snow and frost are not unknown guests in Bulgaria either. Outside the summer season, it is possible to travel to Bulgaria on your own, for example for a city or ski holiday.

Literally the hottest tourist season in Bulgaria happens during the summer months, when the most popular destinations can be unnecessarily congested by many. Spring and autumn are also great times to travel to the Black Sea. In this case, the weather is still warm, but the atmosphere is calmer. On the other hand, not all restaurants and services at beach resorts may be open out of season.

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Sunbathing and shopping on the Black Sea

On the shores of the Black Sea you will find numerous long, soft sandy and moderately deepening beaches that are well suited for holidays with children. Beach resorts such as the full-service Albena and the quiet Sveti Konstantin are popular with families. Sun worshipers who enjoy the evening life and water beasts will be happy to head to Varna’s Golden Sands.

Eating, traveling and shopping is affordable, so Bulgaria is also a great shopping destination for Finns due to its price level. In Varna, for example, there are many small boutiques with a price level that is suitable for every purse. From Sunny Beach, on the other hand, you can make discoveries in the boutiques of the shopping street in Burgas. For example, clothes, spices, local alcoholic beverages and handicrafts can be brought as gifts to Home Finland.

The low prices also invite you to try traditional Balkan delicacies as well as local wines. However, remember that it is polite to drop in Bulgaria! About ten percent of the total amount of the invoice is an appropriate service charge. In the evenings, the promenades of Bulgarian resorts are filled with people and music, so the night gateman just has to choose from the numerous bars, pubs, nightclubs and discos I like.

Self-employment and active holidays are successful all year round

Package trips to Bulgaria are generally organized only during the summer season. However, you can also go on holiday to Bulgaria outside the season. Self-employed tourists have also discovered Bulgaria’s winter sports opportunities, and Bulgaria has developed into an affordable ski resort that attracts winter athletes from around the world.

The ski season starts in mid-December and continues until April. Borovets, Pamporovo, Vitosha and Bansko, among others, are good and affordable ski resorts. For example, Bansko is perfect for a winter holiday destination for the whole family, which is already challenging its more expensive competitors in the Alps.

In summer, the lush nature provides a wonderful setting for hiking. There are respectable 37,000 kilometers of marked trails in Bulgaria, most of which start and end at hostels. Of the hiking destinations, it is worth trying the Pirin mountain area as well as numerous national parks.

Security and nightlife

You can travel to Bulgaria with confidence, but healthy care guarantees a successful trip. In a resort like Bulgaria, it is worth remembering that street trafficking, begging, pickpocketing and money exchange are often organized by organized crime.

In major Bulgarian resorts, the tourist speaks English, but especially outside the larger cities, the language skills of the locals may be limited to Bulgaria. Older people also often speak Russian, and younger people speak English, German or French. In case of misunderstandings, it is good for the person who uses the sign language to remember that in Bulgaria, nodding your head means forbidding and shaking your head means giving in.

Even in nightlife, you should keep your sanity and alcohol consumption reasonable. Scams and robberies of intoxicated tourists regularly make headlines.