Bulgaria Destinations

Bulgaria can be reached in summer during direct scheduled flights, among other things.

Flights and sudden departures to Bulgaria

Travel agencies organize direct leisure flights to the Bulgarian sun, with a travel time of only about three hours. During the summer, Norwegian also flies direct scheduled flights from Helsinki to Burgas and Varna, Bulgaria.

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Flights to Bulgaria cost around 100-150 euros at the cheapest. There are as many as four international airports in Bulgaria: Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv. The busiest of the fields are Varna and Sofia.

During the summer season, several travel agencies organize package tours to Bulgarian resorts. All-inclusive travel is available, as well as self-catering packages, including flights and accommodation.

Hotels and accommodation

There are many accommodation options in Bulgaria, especially in major resorts and cities. Large hotel areas can be found, for example, in Sunny Beach, Varna, Sozopol and Sveti Konstantin. Many of the resort’s hotels are new and located close to the beach or the resort center.

Hotels are relatively inexpensive. You can get a good or medium hotel room for about 20-80 euros per night.

Getting around and car rental

In Bulgaria, it is easy to travel from one city to another by public transport, as the bus network, for example, is good and efficient. Public transport is also a really cheap way to get around, and in Sofia, for example, in addition to buses, you can also use the metro, tram and trolley.

In addition to public transport, it is also advantageous to take a taxi in Bulgaria. If you want to explore the country more widely and outside the cities, renting a car is a good option. International car rental companies also operate in Bulgaria. Valuables should not be left in an unguarded car.

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Sunny Beach is, as the name implies, a sunny beach on the Black Sea.

Popular Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is one of the most popular beach resorts in Bulgaria. The relatively young holiday village has developed over the last ten years into a modern beach holiday destination. Sunny Beach is especially known for its long white beach, along which you can depart to explore the stalls or sit down for a coffee in the beach café. At Sunny Beach you can also enjoy water sports or go shopping.

Sunny Beach is also ideal for children, as there are also activities for the little ones in the family. The beach has several water slides, bouncy castles and trampolines. A day at the nearby Action Aquapark is often considered by children to be one of the highlights of your holiday. The gently sloping beach is also an advantage for families with children.

Varna for beach and shopping holidaymakers

Varna is often called the summer capital of Bulgaria and the Golden Sands of Varna the most beautiful beach in the country. About 17 km from Varna city center, Varna Golden Sands is a four-kilometer strip of golden sand and hotels. In addition to lounging on the beach, the Golden Sands also offers plenty of recreational opportunities, such as water sports.

Located near the Golden Sands, the city of Varna is a modern center with wide shopping streets. Inexpensive discoveries can be made in the market and some of the largest markets in Varna can be found next to the Cathedral of the Assumption. Varna therefore offers excellent opportunities for combining city and beach holidays.

Family vacationers in Albena

Albena in particular is a popular destination for family holidaymakers. Albena offers things to do for the whole family in a clean and peaceful environment. If you want a lively nightlife, you should choose the busier Varna or Sunny Beach instead of the peaceful Albena.

Albena’s white sandy and gently sloping beach is suitable for the whole family, including smaller children. When beach life gets bored, the water park and small amusement park are children’s favorite destinations.

In addition, Albena organizes pony rides and hiking in the green landscapes of Bulgaria which is abbreviated as BUL by abbreviationfinder.

Cultural lover in Nessebar

Those interested in history and culture should visit the city ​​of Nessebar, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is especially known for its labyrinthine cobbled streets and attractions. The buildings and old walls of Nessebar date back to the late Middle Ages and the 18th century. One of Nessebar’s most magnificent sites is the Basilica, located almost in the middle of the city. In Nessebar you can also visit the Temple of Apollo and the Church of John the Baptist, for example.

Nessebar is located about 1 km from Sunny Beach and 12 km from Albena, so in addition to culture, those traveling to Nessebar can also enjoy lounging on the beach.

The capital Sofia

Rivers and streams flow through the Bulgarian capital Sofia, and the city is known for its mineral springs. The parks and boulevards of the city center make the city cozy and homely, but Sofia’s numerous churches also attract the tourist’s attention.

As the largest city of Bulgaria, Sofia becomes best known when you explore it on foot and is a great destination for a weekend getaway. If you stay longer in the country, in addition to the capital, it is worth spending a few days on the famous sandy beaches of the Black Sea.

Sofia has more to do with shopping, museums and other cultural attractions than beach resorts. The city’s restaurant and bar offer is also comprehensive, and the price level in the Bulgarian style is affordable.


Nessebar has both a beach and historical attractions.

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The best beach resorts in Bulgaria

  1. Varna Golden Sands
  2. Sunny Beach
  3. Albena
  4. Sozopol
  5. Sveti Konstantin