Buy Sony SmartWatch Swarovski Edition at Our Site

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Andreas readers make an interesting discovery. Although somewhat long, but nevertheless very exquisitely the Swarovski Edition of Sony Smartwatch found on Amazon.

Who wants to apply thick with the own Smartwatch, for the Swarovski by Sony’s SW is right surely. The focus of the 358 grams is completely covered with Swarovski stones. Only 36x36x8mm housing is still exposed.

The specimen, certainly not many wrist wear, is also still quite cheap on Amazon with a lowest price of €59,49.

Whether that is for everyone, lets fight anyway. Smartwatches should be then surely more subtle – but who knows, maybe like Yes someone also.

On the Amazon page, it says to the somewhat questionable product:

Special Limited Edition
The special limited edition of the smart watch bracelet 336 stones with original SWAROVSKI ELEMENT and three layers of real Alcantara leather attracts everyone’s attention. The splash-proof multi touch display is also ideal for everyday use. About the Special Edition stainless steel magnet lock developed for the bracelet allows perfectly on any joint size adapted.