Christophe Claret: Mecca–Sihh

Go to Mecca! Titanium with representation of the Kaaba

A year after his model Aventicum with Marc-Aurel-Hologram, Christophe Claret introduces the Mecca, from which a picture of the Kaaba rises. The representation of the cube-shaped building, which stands in the courtyard of the Holy Mosque in Mecca and bears the name “House of God”, is made possible by a micro-engraving and two opposite parabolic mirrors.

Through a hole in the upper mirror, the motif of the engraving appears to be transported in three dimensions to the outside and seems to float over the clock–twice the size of the actual motif. Because the center of the clock is used for optical deception, Christophe Claret uses a transparent ring that rotates around the dial edge instead of conventional pointers for the time display. H Marks (for “hour”) indicate the hour, m marks on the minute. Numerous other references to Islam adorn the 44 millimeter-sized, partly PVD-coated titanium with manufactory-automatic caliber AVE15, including the engravings “Holy Mosque” and “Holy City Mecca” in Arabic language on the edge of the housing floor. The limitation is also symbolic: the 63 specimens stand for the age that the Prophet Mohammed has reached according to tradition. Christophe Clarets’s ticking plea for religious freedom and international understanding costs 52,000 Swiss francs plus taxes. Ak

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