Coolest Cooler, The Multifunctional Fridge Which Triumphs before Being on Sale

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Conditioned by the heat of the summer, or not, the people is interesting enough for the multifunctional fridge that Ryan Grepper has devised. His name is Coolest Cooler and it will make us forget the boring models of the 20th century.

What is it doing so famous? As the number of different functions that offers, aside from their large compartments for ice, drinks and other foods. It is also striking the size and width of the wheels, but we are going to learn more about what makes it really different:

Everything you need for a picnic, barbecue, or the beach, is there. We have integrated a speaker that works via wireless connectivity, which is resistant to water, a charger via USB port.

Nor is missing the LED lighting to see the interior, a bottle opener and a compartment with dishes and cutlery, and even a crushed / Blender as an accessory that is placed at the top.

The footsteps of Ouya and Pebble

We don’t like too stand on platforms like Kickstarter funding operation, but this case is noteworthy for babe got more than $ 7 million by 35,000 people, in little more than one month.

The initial goal was to get $50,000, and is getting $400,000 a day, so the campaign is being more than a success. Only two projects were most successful in Kickstarter: Watch Pebble and console Ouya, with 10.2 and $ 8.5 million, respectively.

Coolest Cooler will be a reality in February of the coming year, and will have a price of $299 for the most affordable model (185 dollars for those who are supporting the project). It will be available in multiple colors.