Design Weekend, Wall Closks

When I was called to cover the Design Weekend (DW) to the intimate, I thought, this will be difficult. Do not get me wrong. I like to think I know a little design to identify with some classic pieces and name some names, but I also know that I am a distant admirer considering design, so far, hardly accessible. And this is where I was wrong.

The organization does not make mistakes when you put design at all. Near to you. For all . Programming is complete, diverse, and it has about 200 events and more, makes the traffic in Sao Paulo be worth (!) By the attractions.

Find out how the Design Weekend is structured, get some tips and mount your script in this unmissable event in the land of drizzle:

Basic Recommendations

No wonder that the events offer a free booklet with the complete program of DW. Several fairs, lectures, shows, exhibitions (and cocktails) distributed between classic destinations from the state decoration, such as Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, D & D Shopping, Gardens and Paulista. Innovation is the new design districts in Vila Madalena, Moema, Lapa and Jabalpur.

The events take place simultaneously throughout the city, on 12 to 16 August 2015. Therefore, the most important is not only filter out what is the best option in content, but the offset distance between each show. When in doubt, to save or may not help in the heavy traffic of Sao Paulo, give preference to public transport.

The schedule varies according to the date, circuit and has options open to the public, paid or exclusive to guests. The website of Design Weekend organized these criteria for you to build your schedule. Check.

Hunger? Do not worry. In the main districts, there are a number of ready to serve food trucks from tapioca to gourmet burgers. Costumes? They depend on the event. Most shows are casual and ask for comfortable shoes to endure the walk between attractions, but the time may vary widely. Do not know where to start? Discover the script that we’ve done so far:

#MMM 90º

It’s hard not to keep certain tendentious tone when the My Mobile Wood has a unique way to interact with the furnishings: through a climbing wall full of furniture to 90.

The experience is very fun, but challenging for those who looks down and has the courage to put the protection belt to climb between products. There are 7 meters high, 8.4 meters wide, two possible paths and gifts for those who can reach the top.

The team MMM took four months to prepare the wall, especially created for the DW, which has a partnership with not only the festival, but with the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), space that also hosts other events Design Weekend.

Beyond the wall, the brand created the ‘so close, so lounge “a living area with swings, tables and benches to relax.

Here, the costumes are especially important: Tennis climb is easier and skirts and dresses are not ideal for the climb.

Like any piece? See if she is no longer in the catalog Wood of My Mobile for the website;)

# MMM 90º – Istituto Europeo Di Design

Address: Rua Maranhão, 617

Admission: Free

Date: 12 to 16 August

Hours: 10h to 18h

Comments: people of all ages can play, but there is a limit of 90 kg.

Design Weekend, Wall Closks 1

Contact with Designers, Architects and Professionals

The Design Weekend is the natural habitat of these professionals. You will find them everywhere doing networking, evaluating materials, visiting shops and can learn a lot from them. Much is interested in sharing knowledge and to design for and with everyone.

You can attend lectures and cocktails more specialized and open to the public without any embarrassment. This idea of ​​spreading knowledge, talked with Mayra Lopes architect, which considers the DW! the festival that turns Sao Paulo in Milan.

For the professional, the main attractions of the Design Weekend is back in contact with other shops and understood the subject, and know the innovation and the work that is done in the country. Until the day of our short interview, the main news for the architect was the collection of Living Furniture inspired by the movie A Clockwork Orange, the furniture in the showroom of Ornare, and Cappadocia Collection Saccaro , developed by designer Frizzo Roque.

Another surprising contact happened in a chat with the architect and designer Rahyja Afrange in Uniflex Moema, a shop specializing in sun protection materials such as roller blinds and curtains. Rahyja reused the remains of these materials to develop new collections of decorative objects, an armchair with footrest, a new motorized curtain and a chair inspired by the braided hammocks.

The designer keeps some news for the website. Until then, it costs nothing to visit our store and follow the news;)

Want to get in contact with professionals? Look for seminars events, courses and lectures at the site of DW!

Alameda Gabriel Monteiro Da Silva

Sao Paulo has some neighborhoods and addresses that generate immediate associations. Freedom is the neighborhood of the eastern community, Vila Madalena bohemia and, without doubt, the Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva is home decoration.

With a sophisticated mix of decoration stores, coatings, lighting, traditional Alameda earned relaxation doses in one of the noblest areas of the city. This is not due only to the enormous concentration of food trucks on every corner, but the emergence of new establishments and stores the mix update: the classic is still present there, but there is a careful display fresh design products not necessarily the more accessible but definitely aware of new trends to live, consume and live, in addition to excellent care.

Lepri (1064) with fine rustic ceramics and a garden of fruits, herbs and spices, made into crates and wooden pallets <3.

The Carbon Design (1618) has an amazing curated products. The store makes you question easily as you invest in so many objects, furniture, tables and tasteful fixtures.

Lady, cards, dominoes or foosball? This year, you do not need to choose. Mosarte (1,931) invites the public to play on the sidewalk of the store.

And finally , egg which is not exactly in Alameda Gabriel, but very close: the Avenida Estados Unidos, 2104. The pieces can be functional while maintaining the playful aspect, for example, reappropriate snooker balls on hangers. Well worth the visit.

Address: Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva

Date: participating stores DW! It has special programming on 12 to 16 August.

Time: varies according to store. Refer to the Design Weekend website.

Design Weekend, Wall Closks 2

Jockey Club

Save your breath. The Jockey is probably the richest area of ​​the festival, and you will not want to get out of there soon. Take a look at the attractions:

  • MADE (Art Market and Design) & Art Design Village: inspired by the Milan design circuits, the two events occupy the Jockey with facilities and international parts and show product design prototypes of floating couches, signs in neon and works art in an environment that can take all your day very pleasant way.

And if you thought the space was too gringo, do not forget to visit the space A Lot of Brazil, with the young Brazilian exhibition designers and already established names such as the Campana brothers and Sergio Rodrigues.

Lounge House SP color with furniture 100’t: In the furor of pronunciation 100’t be made to ‘feel’ and doubts whether cardboard furniture could withstand the weight (can), the organizers of Color House created an auditorium with the furniture of the mark which can also be seen in the website.

  • Gafisa stand with installation Guto Requena : built in 18 days in the Jockey, the new venture of Gafisa appears in style in a large apartment and decorated. Open floor plan, view of the projection of the 10th floor, and all the luxury and space of an impressive high standard of design. It gives up to make a cup of coffee with roasted beans and ground time in the kitchen.

This time, Requena no signs the interior, but creates an immersive experience of light, sound and mirrors in the area close to the stand. Jockey also meets body and dance performances in the galleries, always with a good playlist of background.

Address: Av. Linnaeus de Paula Machado, 1263

Date: 12 to 16 August.

Design Weekend, Wall Closks 3

Entry: Free on 12 and 13. From 14 onwards, R $ 20 (full price ) and R $ 10 (half)

You found it? That was only the beginning. You can also visit other districts. There is an interesting drive installation of tiles in staircases of Vila Madalena (15/08), mobile photography aesthetic workshops at Senac Lapa (16/08) and interventions in the National Assembly, for example. There and in some other points you will see the bike racks that are a legacy to the city’s biggest design festival in Latin America. Do not miss!