Do You Can Revolutionize The Samsung Galaxy Gear Segment of Smart Watches?

The Samsung Galaxy Gear According to all the rumors is the smart watch that the South Korean manufacturer has prepared for his presentation on September 4. Have now released details about the specifications of this device, which is presented as a possible salutary lesson in the market “wearable”.

According to data published on GigaOm and SamMobile, this smartwatch will not have flexible display as they pointed some sources initially, and we will have a screen OLED 2.5 inch and a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. And there’s more, of course.
Samsung Galaxy Gear will also be available in a Samsung Exynos 4212 dual core 1.5 GHz with a Mali-400 GPU, one processor more than plenty for a device that in theory does not have the needs of a traditional smartphone.

Those rumors refers also to We will have a small camera -for videoconferencing from the clock?-, small speakers and NFC support, although the mobile connectivity would be done through Bluetooth Low Energy.

Only compatible with smartphones and tablets Samsung?

The Galaxy Gear that seem to have already reached the hands of some developers have of 4.1 Android and Android 4.2, and they have a total integration with mobile phones and tablets.

So, if someone has slipped notifications in the clock and stays in a notice again email, mail that will be which is displayed on the smartphone when you turn on this device. Integration with Twitter and Facebook will also be native important in these devices.

This integration, however, is limited to smartphones and tablets from Samsung, in a movement similar to that Apple continues its closed ecosystem.

The South Korean company made time that seems wanting to differentiate themselves the “current General” of Android with distinguishing features both software manufacturers – we saw in the S4 – as in hardware – with a Galaxy Gear that would demonstrate it with far-.

The problem is that this ambition could cost you face, and the opening up to other Android-based devices It would probably much more value the proposal from Samsung, although obviously that will dampen this differentiation which are both fighting perpetrators from long ago.

Sony and Pebble at the moment does not coagulate

The expectations They seem so promising Samsung troubleshooting. If achieved a good integration with mobile and tablets – and Samsung have resources to do so – this could be the final step in a market still shy.

Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, commented on GigaOm that type of products have a very promising future. You can not in twelve months, He explained, “but I think that it will be [super popular] in two or three years”.

However, intelligent time clocks do not seem to have curdled in the market. Sony takes time promoting them -not in vain renewed very little his offer hardware and software in this section – and Pebble, the famous clock funded on KickStarter, also generated a lot of excitement, but the interest seems to have descended since then.

Certainly something moves in this segment: the own Apple seems very interested according to all the rumors, pointing to the launch of an iWatch in 2014. Probably at that point the market is quite more seated if the proposal from Samsung finally crystallizes, and It will be a good time to take stock and check what has been the real impact of all these releases.