Entertainment and Attractions in Burgas, Bulgaria

They say that Burgas is not particularly rich in sights. Don’t panic, delicious food, warm sea and wide beach are already a good start. Now let’s try to figure out what to do with ourselves when water procedures and smoking on a deck chair get tired.

According to liuxers.com, holidays in Burgas are quite cheap, this resort has gained fame as the most affordable in Bulgaria. A calm and measured pastime is a great option for those who want to take a break from the noisy rhythm of the metropolis.

Burgas promenade and contemplative

Firstly, it is good to walk in Burgas. To do this, a hefty Marine Park with shady alleys, benches, hammocks, cafes, stalls with sweets, carousels and slightly crazy sculptural compositions is laid out along the coast. Coming out of the park to the beach, be sure to go to the end of the “bridge” – this is how they call the pier, outstanding at 300 m into the sea.

The main pedestrian streets, Aleksandrovskaya and Aleko Bogoridi, invite you to continue your walk. On Bogoridi, everyone is turning the handle of the two-meter “Gramophone”, and on Aleksandrovskaya there is one of the symbols of the city – “The Navel of Burgas” or “Compass” – a decorative mark of the local zero kilometer. A couple of meters away is the Arch of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the patron saint of Burgas.

Nearby stood the stern-looking Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius, also a symbol and a sign. In the evenings, the largest church in Burgas is beautifully illuminated. A couple of blocks to the sea nestled in the shadow of the hotel “Bulgaria” the old Armenian Apostolic Church “Surp Khach”. By the way, for another ancient religious building, you will have to go out to sea, or rather, get to the only inhabited Bulgarian piece of land in the Black Sea – St. Anastasia Island, where the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady has been standing almost since the 14th century.

6 things to do in Burgas

  1. Meet the sunset with a jug of wine, sitting on the very edge of the “bridge”.
  2. Try banitsa and rose jam.
  3. Unleash the inner child and let him wallow in the dirt of the “salt” from the heart.
  4. Visit the only inhabited island of the Black Sea Bulgaria.
  5. Try to understand the authors of the strange sculptures in the Marine Park.
  6. Hear the name in the whisper of the trumpet of the Gramophone.
  7. Go to Nessebar and look at another Bulgaria.

Museums, exhibitions and picturesque ruins

Under the playful name “Sea Casino” hides the largest cultural center of the region, which hosts exhibitions, festivals, concerts and other spiritual events. The ethnographic museum tells about the history, culture, traditions and life of the inhabitants of Burgas. Archaeological specializes in artifacts related to human exploration of the Black Sea. The Historical Museum presents collections of icons, early printed books, objects of European art of the 18th and 19th centuries. The last of the four museums is the Museum of Natural History of Burgas, which will tell about the natural diversity of the region.

In Sarafovo, connoisseurs of ancient ruins can see the ruins of the ancient port, embankment and fortress. In the Kraimorie quarter, several years ago, the remains of a lost city, the predecessor of Burgas, were unearthed.

Burgas for children

A small corner of attractions with a straightforward name “Children’s Place”, sheltered in the Seaside Park of Burgas, of course, will not replace the classic amusement park, but there are some entertainments for very young travelers here – several carousels, cars, boats, trampolines (website). An adult adventurer has nothing to do here on his nervous system, but kids will have fun. In addition to it, they ride trains on the “sea hailstone”, lure them with sweets, there is a mini-zoo. In July and August, you can take your children to the annual international sand sculpture festival.

For more serious entertainment, you will have to leave the city. To the water park “Sunset Pomorie” – one of the newest in the country – from the center of Burgas, take a taxi for 15-20 minutes. Located in Nessebar, Aqua Paradise modestly announces itself: “The largest and most attractive water park in Bulgaria.” After such words, it remains only to run to the bus station and buy tickets to this heavenly place.

In the town of Aytos, which is 32 km from Burgas, there is a small zoological park for 200 exotic and not very guests. It is also not a problem to get here by suburban bus.


The season in subtropical Burgas starts in April and ends in October. Of course, not all this time you can carelessly splash in the water, the sea gains a comfortable temperature in June and leaves it by the end of September. The freshest milk is in August. They usually do not complain about the special heat in summer – frequent sea breezes save them. Precipitation from July to September is rare, but April-June has almost 2 weeks of rainy days. Not critical, but better to be prepared.

Saying goodbye to tourists, Burgas from November to March turns into an ordinary seaside town – quiet, hard-working and not very interesting. In addition, the influence of the maritime climate gives way to the continental one, and winter comes in December. Soft, without frost and snowfall, but sometimes dank and chilly due to high humidity and winds.

Holidays and events

From early spring to autumn, Burgas lives in a continuous holiday mode, turning into a venue for various festivals and competitions of local and international scale. This is important to keep in mind when planning your trip. Surely it will be possible to join the local culture a little and bring a useful variety to the beach holiday.

Here you can easily get to the days of French, Czech, Argentinean, Russian – any kind of cinema, weeks of classical music and culture of different European countries are constantly held, dance and theater competitions are interesting not only for adults, but also for young travelers. Colorful folklore events are a must-see, especially the International Festival in August. Connoisseurs are expected at jazz concerts, rock festivals, art markets. You can follow the calendar of events on a special page of the city’s tourism website.

At the beginning of July, tons of sand, at the behest of creators from different countries, turn one of the corners of the Marine Park into a fantastic exhibition of giant sculptures. Works are shown until the end of September. Every year there is a new theme.

Attractions in Burgas, Bulgaria