Entertainment and Attractions in Seattle, Washington

On the one hand, Seattle is a typical city with tall skyscrapers, a classic coastline and an indispensable Ferris wheel. On the other hand, a page is probably not enough to list all its sights.

According to toppharmacyschools, Seattle’s “Must Sea” is the Space Needle, built in 1962 for the World’s Fair. A slender structure with a height of under 200 m is crowned by a flying saucer – the same as we are used to seeing it in American films. To visit the city and not conquer the skyscraper is unheard of.

Many local statues are known: the Fremont Troll, who settled under the bridge, and the bronze Lenin (3526 Fremont Pl N), who was taken out of Czechoslovakia by a US resident Lewis Carpenter (to buy the leader, he mortgaged his house). Today, Lenin is a constant “participant” of festivals: he is dressed up either for Christmas or for the parade of representatives of the LGBT community.

Emerald Seattle is famous for its lush parks. Unusual Kubota Garden – a real island of Japan in America. Citizens love to walk among its dwarf trees, curved bridges and ponds.

A whole ensemble of churches and cathedrals adorns the city: St. James is considered the most beautiful, St. Mark’s Church (1245 10th Ave E) has the largest organ instrument, St. Spyridon’s Cathedral (400 Yale Ave N) is called by parishioners “a truly American Orthodox church”.

A highly controversial but undeniably original landmark is the Gum Wall, covered in thousands of pieces of chewed gum in all colors. Tourists adore her for her colorful selfies and the ability to “leave your mark.”

Museums in Seattle

The museums here are also the best. Fly-Aircraft – Aviation Museum, aka the Boeing Museum with a fantastic collection of airliners, spacecraft, simulators and a good gift shop.

Those who are eager to join the art are waiting for the Museum of Art itself with a rich collection of exhibits and the Museum of Asian Art with storerooms full of paintings, ceramics, textiles of the peoples of Asia, Japan, China, Korea and other countries.

Interesting not only in content, but also in appearance Music History Project and Science Fiction Museum. Here anyone can easily record their own track, give a concert or master the art of playing the guitar. About the victory over racial discrimination in America – the exposition of the Asian Wing Luke Museum, the main milestones in the life of the city – on the stands of the Museum of History and Industry, the life of local natives – in the miniature Log House Museum.


The city of picturesque fogs does not indulge in beautiful weather: most of the year the sky is covered with clouds, in spring and autumn it drizzles every other day, and the temperature does not favor long walks. The undisputed leaders in terms of precipitation are November and March, the snowiest month is January.

The city comes alive with the arrival of late spring and summer – this is the best time to travel here. In June-August it is very dry, and in the last summer month it is even hot. However, by night it gets cooler, you can’t do without a warm sweater.

Cuisine and restaurants in Seattle

Contrary to expectations, Seattle is not about endless burgers and hot dogs on the run, but a very serious cuisine, in some places really high. The gastronomic tone here is set by two things: the proximity of water bodies (read – an abundance of seafood) and the Pike Place Market food market with its placers of farm greens, beautiful vegetables, fruits, selected meats, cheeses and other food. You need to try everything “on the spot” – fortunately, there are a dime a dozen food courts in the market, and in the city itself – simple, but cozy and tasty cafes and restaurants.

Fresh oysters, signature local soup with clam chowder, wild salmon steak and first-class steak with blood are a must for every visitor’s plate.

Breakfast is better to take a traditional American. Lunch in an average restaurant will cost 50 USD per couple, in an institution of a higher order for a dinner for two with alcohol they will take from 200 USD. The restaurant with the most amazing view (and sky-high prices) is the Space Needle Sky City, on the revolving platform of Seattle’s main attraction. It is better to visit here in clear weather in the evening – what you see will be remembered for a long time. For the pleasure of having dinner on the “space needle”, you will have to pay from 300 USD per couple.

Attractions in Seattle, Washington