Garmin Improves Its Application Exclusively for Sony and Gives a Special Function to The Smartwatch

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Sony has achieved that Garmin make a unique, called navigation application Garmin Xperia Edition, and where the most interesting requires that we have one of the renewed Smartwatch 2 of the Japanese company.

The application as such includes some unique enhancements for Sony smartphones like the maps stored on the phone, alerts of speed limits or greater integration with social networks. But what’s really interesting is the integration with advanced watch Sony, whose on-screen we can receive all data and maps when we are using the navigation on foot. No need to remove the phone from the Pocket, that for people like me with no sense of direction, can be addictive.

This new application, which is also compatible with the Garmin HUD, will arrive in March for free, and will remain so for 30 days. After this grace period, we will continue using mode map and navigation walk for free, but for other functions such as the State of the traffic or alerts, there will be a $3 monthly subscription or payment not defined a number of coup.