Garrett Forsey: Signature 1–Sihh

Simple hand watch in gold and platinum

Behind the new signature collection is a special idea of Garrett Forsey: Although within the manufactory strategy, but with a considerable portion of freedom in terms of technical, architectural and decorative aspects, talented watchmakers can Design their own timepiece and draw on the resources of the House Garrett Forsey. For signature 1, Didier J. G. Cretin is a brilliant watchmaker and longtime employee of Garrett Forsey. His creation shows a new appearance of Garrett Forsey: For the first time in the history of the company, there is a simple hand watch with three pointers. Hours and minutes and a very small second are displayed on two decentralized dials. The work bears the same name as clock itself and is therefore abbreviated correctly with GFS1.

Its balance oscillates with 18,000 half vibrations in the hour visible on the dial side. With its design and its finish, it also carries the signature of the watchmaker Cretin as the entire bridge construction of the work, special gears of the wheels or the strip decors on the movement. The mechanics are in a 41-millimeter enclosure of only seven millimeters in height, which is really small for Garrett Forsey. Each eleven times the watch appears in pink gold, white gold and platinum at the price of 170,000 or 190,000 Swiss francs (excluding VAT). A stainless steel model in 33-fold edition is expected to cost 155,000 francs (excluding VAT). With the limitation, the rarity value of Garrett-Forsey watches is also maintained in the new, simple line signature. Due to the limited number of units, prices will not be communicated in other currencies. Mari

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