Gear Live: Charger Could Damage Smartwatch

Last year was still a brand new Chromebook pixels, visitors of this year’s Google I/o between a LG could choose G watch and a Samsung gear live. The latter is currently placed in a very bad light: damage to the appliance resulting from an unfortunate design of the charger are crucial.

Special supports on the side to you can click the clock in the charger, keep them in place during charging. Removing should be especially those of I/O visitors – undoing some watches -, writes A Google + reports users, for example, that as equal to a whole piece of plastic gear live has been removed from the. Easy recharging nor debugging is possible.

As a broken clock would alone not something happen for I/O: a missing receipt and poor customer service on the part of Samsung replaced the gear appears almost impossible. An accurate number of those affected is currently not known.