Gear Store: Samsung Wants to Bring up Extra Smartwatch App Store

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Samsung probably two pronged. Just now we reported still relying on insider circles by CNet, Samsung will a Smartwatch with Android wear to introducenext week, because now new evidence on the whereabouts of Tizen.

As Sammobile reported, a request went on the name “Gear Store” in the U.S. Trademark Office. Obviously Samsung wants to pull filled with applications and perhaps also Watchfaces, your own app store only for the smart watches. Because Android wear but relies on Google play, the new name registration refers to Tizen, Samsung’s in-house operating system.

Its own app store

With own, virtual application loading, it has already razed Samsung to Pebble Smartwatch . Here, the app store is already a success and countless developers diligently provide their applications to purchase or as a free download. So far, the store for the apps for the gear range is only named “Samsung App Store”. A standalone shop would have the advantage that definitely all apps with the Smartwatches are compatible and the search for more convenient bailouts are benefiting the user at the end. When Samsung makes public the name “Gear Store”, is to date still a matter of speculation.