Google Acquired WIMM Labs without Making Any Noise, Reinforces His Plans with Smart Watches

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Few major manufacturers have left us without related to smart watches, ones with more evidence than others, such as Samsung and their Gear, but there is no doubt that is one of the major trends to follow in 2014.

In parallel with the rumors of the big names, have been thriving companies, mostly on initiatives crowdfunding, which proposals have been submitted. One of the strangest cases have in WIMM Labs, who started his career in 2011 with an Android clock, the One WIMM, without much success. The company disappeared from the map, but there was a reason.

The company ended with its sales, but not with their developments, in fact published on its website that it had partnered exclusively with another company interested in its technologies. Now we learn that what happened is that Google acquired WIMM Labs.

What Google plans to take forward with WIMM Labs we don’t but we can imagine, and sources such as GigaOM ensure that acquired team is working together with the Android team, so we can soon expect news on smart watches.