HP Us Wants to Leave Open-Mouthed with Your Next Smartwatch

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For now it seems that no smartwatch It is the critics unanimously. He is criticized to make products look too geek and traditional. Although there are attractive concepts on the table, the only one that looks like what you can do to change your mind to many is the ever more imminent Motorola Moto 360.

However, no longer the only clock that catches our attention. HP also prepares his and although time has taught us only a small portion of the final product must recognize that looks very good. In fact, at first glance does say that you it’s a watch smart (or connected).

Pretty on the outside, do useful inside?

Michael Bastian is the author of the design of this timepiece created elbow with elbow between HP and Gilt. Sphere of 44mm diameter in body of steel, interchangeable housings of different materials and compatibility with Android and iOS. At the moment what has been seen so far is very appealing.

It is striking that has respected both the classic design of the watches. In terms of functions we find that as we have seen in other models: read notifications, emails, answer phone calls, control the music… Remains to be seen if it will use Android Wear but simple seen do not seem to be so.

When will it be available? Expected you for autumn and let’s hope that from here to launch HP will give us some clues about this watch. Personally it has captured my attention and we hope that it is not only in the factor form and be able to create a useful product that does not result in a drawer.