I Bought The Cheapest Smartwatch from Ebay And This Is The Experience

When we started to see the smartwatches there was a mixture of omens about that product and the niche itself: the future or one more fashion?

I Bought The Cheapest Smartwatch from Ebay And This Is The Experience

At least to date these devices withstand, partly because of the functions they are incorporating and a size of mobiles that seems to continue to increase. That is why today there are already hundreds of models and we have decided to park the most powerful to give a chance to the basics: how is the experience with the cheapest smartwatch that we can buy online?

If you are one of those who already bothered with this smart watches maybe you already put before that list of pros and cons peppered with technical terms Anglo-Saxon with the intention of choosing the most powerful model with better visualization and/or with greater autonomy. But in this case we have removed all that to one side and we have only taken into account two criteria: that it was the most economical possible and that it worked with any of the existing mobile operating systems.

Better If Not Urge

Internet is as fascinating as it is illusory, and the latter is the first thing to remember when we check online stores looking for the product that fits our requests. The offer is broader the more generic your search and in this case we have already said the laxity of our demand for the product, so we did not take long to see devices that fit it, and tried to deposit the trust in the Product and the seller. In this case we decided to opt for Ebay and the selected model was this one.

As usual when buying something so cheap, the country of origin is usually China, Taiwan or some of the Asian countries where they are usually manufactured. And this, in addition to the ridiculously low prices, translates into rather long shipments. In our case we asked for it on April 18 and the country of origin was Poland, receiving the indication about the reception period from 4 to 20 May. That is, we leave at least a little more than two weeks of waiting. In practice: we finally received it on May 13th.

Assuming from the beginning that we would delay receiving it, we took it with philosophy so that the reception was a pleasant surprise. And so, almost a month after the date of purchase the dealer called out of agenda to bring us the smartwatch, whose small box contained the same, a USB cable (on this we will have another surprise, now we tell you) and a small manual with Directions and languages ​​(English and a variety of Chinese).

The Passion Of The Smartwatch: And With The Third Resource Resurrected

It may be that reading manuals does not characterize us, but in this case we wanted to do well and, taking advantage of at least English, we prepared to read the small drop down. It specifies what we assumed even though the article page included the word “Apple” in the name: that is only compatible with Android devices. But what we were not expecting is having to download APKs and other operations reported in the manual.

But still had to overcome a first hurdle to be able to start the experience with thelow-cost made watch. The battery that comes from the factory in the devices usually gives little and in this case was especially tiny, so we soon connect it to external power. And so far all normal, but our joy in a well when, after waiting for the load to be completed, the watch held on for a few seconds. Just right for the animation (and “lovely” tune) to start and be able to access a couple of menu commands, we were not even able to try to link to a phone.

The situation could get worse and he did. When the battery was probably depleted, the clock fell into a coma that almost seemed irreversible because it did not even react to the charge. Before all this we had no choice but to contact the seller (in the only possible way: by mail). But from the mail we sent on May 17 this is the date we have not received any response, so if you opt for a low-cost product remember that you are probably giving up after-sales service by the seller.

After several cables, several chargers and much patience, the clock finally resurrected

After several cables (the one that came with the clock stopped working after the first charge), several chargers and much patience, finally the clock resurrected. At last we could start to play it without the problem of the shutdown and with a battery life according to our use, of which we do not have statistics of any type but that varies from one to three days according to we use applications like the pedometer or the monitoring of dream.

What It Seems, What It Is And What Leaves Us With The Unknown

Our smartwatch has in its sphere some buttons that remember to Android, but appearances deceive. This is not a device with Android Wear, but a much simpler operating system that in fact does not even have an app store. We would love to tell you which, but in the detail of the technical characteristics of the watch there is a wonderful “Other” in the category of “Operating System”.

As we mentioned before, in the small manual is indicated the download of an APK( BTNotification , on the phone) from a page of Baidu which carries a QR that is evidently in Chinese. This at first did not stop us and by deduction we were able to download and install an app (Baidu’s, we took here), but there is a point that the language barrier prevents us from following.

Nor have we been able to do anything with an alternative QR that leads to a pagethat does not exist in the Google Play Store, although this app seems to automatically synchronize and enable some functions. And there is also the insecurity of having to install an unknown app that asks for permissions to access many functions and information (in principle necessary for the clock to synchronize at all levels, from calls to messaging, to reminders).

So, what do we find when we turn on the terminal? A main screen with time and date and three icons: menu, volume and bluetooth. Pressing the first one accesses allthe applications and sections of the clock, these being the following:

Configuration: everything we can adjust as to the actions of the clock.We see in the following sections:

Quick response: it is a QR that leads back to BTNotification download (this serves us little).

Phone setup: to set the time and date, language, automatic keypad lock,Unlocking type selection(in which we find four options for the dial, analog or digital), movement (to set the ignition as the phone is turned ) And misc. Setting, which contains some settings for the clock LCD (the brightness and the power-on time before automatic locking).

Security Settings: contains the “Phone Security” section that allows (in theory) to set some phone lock codes.At all times a password is requested that we do not have and that is not the one of our terminal, ergo with this also nothing can be done (there is no indication in the manual).

Restore configuration: to restore the configuration to its initial values ​​(under password).

Antipérida: contains two actions, ” Searching for Phone” and “Anti lost” (with a pair of configurations for a status and an alert that does not specify what). Neither function has served to find the phone, find it or establish a remote security mechanism like turning it off.

Environmental: to activate the energy saving (decreases the brightness).

Tone: We can set the type of alert when receiving a call (sound and / or vibration), if it repeats and what tone.

Barometer: indicates the atmospheric pressure in pascals and the ambient temperature in degrees centigrade.

Altimeter: indicates the height at which we are setting a starting point.That is, does not take any standard reference, but indicates the meters that we ascend or descend according to the starting point that we establish.

Pedometer: counts the steps since we activated it.


Bluetooth: allows you to configure visibility and links to other devices, as well as the name of the watch.

Contacts: displays (in theory) the contact list of the phone. We were unable to synchronize this function with any phone, probably because of the lack of APK.

Dialer: displays the numeric keypad to make calls (also accessed from the home screen by pressing the “multitasking” button).

Messages: displays (in theory) the inbox of messages (text? Email?) Sent and received. Another that we could not synchronize.

Calls: this is the call log (sent, received, etc.). In practice, however, we did not get him to show the data.

BTBB, BTBB and BTBB: of these three sections, for managing reminders, music and the camera of the phone, we were only able to activate the music. The rest are dependent on the APK that we have not been able to run.

Sleep monitor: allows to activate a timer for a theoretical sleep monitoring.



Alarm: Activate up to five alarms.

The navigation is quite simple, although we have to familiarize ourselves with buttons that are not too intuitive

The navigation is tactile and in itself is quite simple, although we have to familiarize ourselves with buttons that are not too intuitive. We have a physical button on the side, which serves to turn the clock on and off, as well as exit to go to the home screen (what comes to be a Home button). The tactile sensitivity is quite poor, and sometimes it costs quite enough to make the swipe effective and it happens that we select something accidentally.

On the front panel we have those three touch buttons that remind us of Android but whose function differs from what we could initially associate: although they respect the international standard symbol “back”, the other buttons are somewhat less deductive. The first button (the one on the left, which looks like a contextual menu) is the “OK” button and the second one (the center button, which reminds you of multitasking) is the one that allows you to jump from one section to another .

But What Can I Do With This Smartwatch?

Well, the smart clock is if we take as a smartwatch the fact that it goes beyond indicating the time and that it syncs with the smartphone to handle it remotely.However, we have to completely forget about uses such as commands to the voice wizard, notes from Google Now or any other app that goes beyond what we mentioned when breaking down the menu.

We have been able to make calls, listen to music and use the apps of the clock like the pedometer and the calculator

In short: we have been able to make calls, listen to music and use the apps of the clock like the pedometer, the calculator and so on. In the case of the first two, we can set the sound to come out of the clock (it has a speaker on the left side) or the phone. As you might expect, the sound quality is quite poor, although the volume is powerful enough and we can hear the ringing of the calls, the voice and the music even if we are in a place with moderate ambient noise.

The operation of the own applications is quite variable. The pedometer does give a fairly reliable result (we have compared it with the step counter for iOS Health, Samsung Health and Sony Lifelog) and also the height, although the monitoring of sleep only indicates good or poor without knowing very well The criterion (we made a test of control with the clock stopped on a sealed surface and already gave us poor , without raising even).

Bud-Proof And Patience

The smartwatch as we see is quite limited in comparison as we usually see from the hands of manufacturers like Samsung or Motorola, rather more powerful and elaborate products supported on more complex platforms. But perhaps the main limiting factor is the nefarious user experience in handling and tactile sensitivity of the panel.

Setting the date and time (which indicates the time zone does not automatically) is one of the most tedious when it comes to the initial configuration. The problem is that the numeric keypad reaches the edge of the screen leaving a small distance between it (specifically zero) and the “multitasking” button, whose function is “next”, so that in many cases we jump to another section when The intention was to put a zero.

This is something that happens in the calendar, although in this case we do not care because the app itself has no other function to date (if we hit one of the millimeter days there is no option). On the other hand, we do not have that problem in dialing phones since the keyboard is bigger, and in what are the menus in general.By the way, although we were not able to synchronize the agenda, if we call from the terminal, the contact name comes out as we have saved it (not the number).

What can be more or less exasperating according to our tolerance to the sounds and their repetition is the tone when pressing the buttons, a “beep” that we can not deactivate because there is no such option. Something that apart from the annoyance that can cause us on a personal level eliminates the possibility that we can handle the smartwatch in situations in which silence is required since we can not even decrease the volume. A real paradox when the smartwatches are focused enough to avoid taking out the mobile and to be able to consult with more discretion.

Cheap Is Not Expensive, But Disappointing

When your objective is the most economic and basic possible your expectations are not high or much, but what you at least you expect is that it resembles what you see in the “photographs” (in this case, renders of questionable quality). What we first saw is what we mentioned earlier, that the name of the article (“SmartWatch Stylish Smart Bluetooth Watch Camera for Apple Android Phone”) no longer fits with what the product actually offers, given that neither is valid For Apple smartphones or finally we could synchronize the camera function, because the clock does not have it.

In the additional information of the product, in fact, also appears again this compatibility with iOS that does not have. There are also all the functions in detail, which as we have seen we have not been able to operate in its entirety , andlanguages, which fortunately is incomplete and in fact we have found software with more languages ​​besides English and Chinese Spanish is). The interface, as we can see, completely different (even the resolution, which we do not know, but very low).

As for compatibility, the device works with Bluetooth 3.0. We have managed to synchronize it with two terminals (a Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 and a Meizu m3 Note ), but we have not been able to connect it with everyone (a Sony Xperia Xand Xperia XA directly or they did not go searching for devices). As for the link, at least it maintains it even if the device leaves punctually out of reach, re-linking automatically when it returns to be within 15 meters of rigor.

In Practice It Has Very Little Of “Smart” And Just “Watch”

Conclusion: If all we want is to control the playback of music or be able to call from the clock (with the loss of privacy and discretion that implies), is certainly the most economic solution we can have. But the product in practice has very little of “smart” and just watch, given that sometimes when unlock after a good time without using the time is not updated.