Interview With Actor And Uhrenfan Clive Owen

Why the Geneva Watch salon is comparable to a film festival

Clive Owen is Uhrenfan. The British actor won 2005 a Golden Globe, was nominated for the Oscar as Best supporting actor and starred in films like “Sin City”. His private passion for watches led him to be one of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s brand ambassadors. The Swiss Manufactory celebrates 2016 the 85. Birthday of their cult reverso, the clock with the reversible housing. On this occasion, Clive Owen also visited the Geneva watch salon and answered a few questions about the topic of the watch. Mr Owen, how did you get brand ambassadors from Jaeger-LeCoultre?

Clive Owen: That was actually a very natural thing. I have always been a huge fan of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watches in general and the Amvox models in particular. Then, at the Venice Film Festival, I was told if I didn’t want to be a brand ambassador, and I said yes, of course. Now I’ve been there for 5 years. Apart from the Amvox watches, which model do you particularly like to wear at present?

Clive Owen: Just wearing the model Duomètre chronographe. I am a fan of the classic-elegant watches of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Privately carry your watch on your right wrist. Why?

Clive Owen: I’ve always worn my watches right. For me it just feels unnatural to wear the clock on the left. Only sometimes when I play certain characters in movies, I wear the watch on the left wrist. Why would a man ever wear a mechanical watch, and what should it display?

Clive Owen: I think mechanical watches embody a fine and exclusive craft, so it’s worth owning one. It’s just like wearing a piece of art. What the clock should show me depends entirely on my situation: where I am, what I do, what I wear and in what environment I am staying. On the day I wear a different watch than in the evening for a dinner. What is your favorite complication?

Clive Owen: I like the chronograph, like the watch I wear. But I’m also a fan of the Gyrotourbillons, which look just spectacular. You have worked for cinema, television and theatre. Where did you like it best?

Clive Owen: I like all three variants, but films are actually the most. When I made my debut on Broadway last year, the theatre was very enthusiastic about me again. I started my acting career at the theater, practiced there, and I love the theater. So it was so exciting to come back. What do you mean? is the Geneva watch salon comparable to a theatre?

Clive Owen: I think this watch fair is more akin to a film festival. It is a great way to meet and celebrate your passion for all those who are invited here and love watches. Thank you very much for the conversation.

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