iWatch: Apple’s Smartwatch Opts for Sapphire?

A Smartwatch can be packed not just in a case or stored in a safe pocket. She is always on the wrist and going through a lot of things. Precisely for this reason, the Californian computer manufacturer Apple in his could use iWatch a particularly solid material. Sapphire Crystal.

We all know it: there’s nothing worse than scratches or even cracks on the display. When a watch is the most fatalsten, because then the little helper can no longer fulfil the task, to which it is intended. Specify the time. This is probably also one of the reasons that the Sapphire Crystal is ignored in the rumor mill around Apple’s iWatch.

Just because the iWatch on in the fitness sector plays a major role, makes a special material as display sense. Sapphire Crystal is very scratch resistant and resistant. Also it would make possible a slimmer body. Already as a camera lens in the iPhone and iPad Apple opts for the material, also scratches would be fatal.

The cost is the downside to Sapphire Crystal. As a somewhat expensive material, the display could then difficult in the weight. Here, Apple would have to try to keep the other parts as cheap or to drain just something on the profit margin for the iWatch is not too expensive.