Japan Airlines & NRI Start Smartwatch Project

On this day, an experiment starts Japan Airlines: the associated airline ground personnel at Tokyo ash Haneda Airport in Terminal 1 now Bluetooth low energy & Smartwatches set up, to improve the service on the ground.

The official partner of the project is NRI, Japan’s largest IT consulting company. NRI had put Bluetooth low energy station in the entire Terminal 1 of at Haneda Airport in Tokyo & distributed copies of gear 2, the gear fit and the Samsung GALAXY S 5 among the employees. Furthermore should in the next few weeks also tests with Android Wear devices like the LG running G watch.

Bluetooth LE station staff always on the exact position to can be detected, to send location-based notifications on the Smartwatch. So, an employee at the business lounge could pass what they reminded that she must submit there a few documents. This command could also come from an employee from the control center to send employees not cross through the Terminal. In addition, you can associate employees who need help, fast local workers.

As well, employees also can be better recruited from the just mentioned nerve centre of. So for example an employee can quickly and quietly to the staff room are called, to discuss something with her or messages on the display of the Smartwatch will be sent directly.

The experiment is supposed to last for a month. Successful tests, the technology in the future at other airports should be disseminated.