KizON: LG Unveils “Children Smartwatch”

After the first copies of the LG are at the mercy of G watch, LG makes now again with a Smartwatch for headlines. And with a “Smartwatch” for children.

It sounds almost already absurd: with KizON, a new device for the wrist of children, it should be possible parents, to be able to determine the whereabouts of their children permanently. In addition, to children who are equipped with the device communicate immediately their parents via a button on the device by phone. This works, however, also the other way around, but with an extremely quirky feature: the child decreases a call of the parents within a period of 10 seconds, the microphone will automatically switch and allows the parents in the lives of their children overhear. This is not only an immense intrusion into the privacy of children, but also a certainly very attractive target for third parties such as, hacker and intelligence services. On the other hand, this also “attacks” such as abductions and abuses can be better processed. You can quickly find the location of the child and possibly präventieren.

Available, the “children”Smartwatch in colors is green, blue and pink. Also should be used for the manufacture of eco-friendly material. Be connected can the LG KizON with all Androiddevices from jelly bean.