Microsoft Not Could Miss The Smartwatch Party, and So Is Sensed Your Product

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Google is on the run from the smartwatch (two models of LG and Samsung may already be booked, and the bike 360 will not take more than a few months), Apple should not take long to present that iWatch of which so much is spoken, and some other smaller, as the Pebble, fascinate the public. What to expect of the? Microsoft smartwatch? Because it will be clear: those in Redmond can’t miss a market like this.

For now there is no final data, since Microsoft does not mention anything. Forbes dropped informative pump a few weeks ago, and is now when they have discovered a set of Microsoft patents related to the smartwatches. It has been people from WMPowerUser who has sighted them, and has Internet legs above.

As you can see the images are very descriptive, and show examples of how could be interface and certain services and functionalities. A device for wrist with rectangular screen, connectivity with a mobile phone or a computer, and the possibility of using it as a GPS Navigator, to send text messages, as a reading device (a little small perhaps?) or as activity monitor, that of course it could not be missing. Own drawings can give us an idea of how could be the interface, though old leaks have always been important changes with respect to the final versions.

Found two patents have been published on June 26, while they are dated in December 2012. Apart from the final products that can leave these ideas, it is also important to highlight the war of patents that could repeat itself with the smartwatches, After the fierce fight that took place with smartphones and their operating systems.

Returning to the smartwatch of Microsoft, there are many months of continuous rumours about this product. Google is about to reach the market, Apple should do it soon, and Microsoft will not take much more. They will have learned of its tardiness in arriving at the war of smartphones and will not want to repeat the bad decisions of the past with a new market, now on our wrists instead of into the pockets.

If you want to take a look at patents, you can find them here and here, in both cases in pdf format and belonging to the official agency of the United States.