Monthly Weather in Cape Town

Cape Town in January

Sun worshipers are spot on in Cape Town this month. The summer is here and pleased with temperatures up to 26 degrees Celsius. In between, the 30 degree mark is cracked. In the evening, temperatures are around 16 degrees Celsius. I recommend you take a cardigan with you. Note that January is the holiday season in Cape Town. Beaches, restaurants, and bars can get crowded. Since many foreign tourists also come, hotels and attractions can be overcrowded.

Best travel time for : Sightseeing, windsurfing and kite surfing, beach holidays, penguin watching at Boulders Beach, Table Mountain

Cape Town in February

This month is considered the warmest month of the year. During the day it is at least 27 degrees, at night it is significantly fresher at 16 degrees. In addition to high temperatures and 11 hours of sunshine, there are only a few rainy days in February. There are 5 rainy days a month. If you are lucky, it doesn’t rain on any day during your Cape Town vacation. You can still hop into the Atlantic, it has a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and invites you to cool off.

Best travel time for : Sightseeing, windsurfing and kite surfing, beach holidays, Table Mountain

Cape Town in March

Summertime is still the order of the day in Cape Town in March. The temperatures are not as high as in the previous months, but you can still loll on the beach. A day temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and a water temperature of 19 degrees create the best conditions for a summer holiday. If you want to surf, you should travel to Cape Town at the beginning of March. From March the wind strength decreases and windsurfing and kite surfing are possible to a limited extent.

Best travel time for : Sightseeing, beach holidays, Table Mountain, (windsurfing and kitesurfing)

Cape Town in April

In April the forces of the warm summer weaken and autumn is heralding. April is a changeable month and the weather is unpredictable. As a rule, there are maximum temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius, which can drop to 12 degrees at night. You should pack thicker clothing for the evening hours. The sun shows up less, only 8 hours a day, and the number of rainy days is 8 in April. If you catch good days without rain and with a lot of sun, you can swim in the Atlantic.

Best travel time for : Sightseeing, surfing, wine tours, Table Mountain, (beach holiday)

Cape Town in May

The autumn is here! With temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius, it’s nice and warm. However, I advise you not to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, because the temperature is only 17 degrees Celsius. If you dare, you can put your toes into it. At night it gets really cold with 9 degrees Celsius. The hours of sunshine are decreasing more and more and are only 7 hours per day in May. The probability of rain increases and it rains an average of 11 days a month.

Best travel time for : Sightseeing, shortboard surfing, walks

Cape Town in June

Winter arrives in Cape Town in June . Although it is not as cold in the South African winter as in the Austrian winter months, the temperatures drop significantly. During the day it is an average of 18 degrees Celsius. At night, when it’s around 8 degrees Celsius, you’ll need a thicker jacket. Winter in Cape Town is considered the rainiest season and you have to expect rain on 13 days. The number of hours of sunshine is at its annual minimum at 6 per day.

Best travel time for : sightseeing, wave surfing

Cape Town in July

Fresh and wet – these are the characteristics of the South African winter month of July. During the day it doesn’t get warmer than 18 degrees Celsius. But here too, exceptions confirm the rule. But what is certain is that it rains more often in Cape Town in July than in many other months. An umbrella can be a useful travel tool. You should also pack a thick winter jacket, as it can be cold at 7 degrees Celsius at night. The fresh wind can make the temperatures feel colder.

Best travel time for : museum tour, surfing, diving with sharks

Cape Town in August

The so-called Kapdoctor can be seen in Cape Town and cleans the air of pollution. The air is clear, smells fresh and is cold. In August the maximum temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius. It is usually fresher – especially at night with an average of 8 degrees Celsius. I recommend that you take some clothes with you that you normally wear in winter. The Atlantic is too cold to swim, but surfing is perfect this month.

Best travel time for : museum tour, surfing

Cape Town in September

According to watchtutorials, temperatures begin to climb in September. You can expect temperatures around 19 degrees Celsius. At night it is not much warmer than in the winter months and you should keep in mind that heating is not a standard feature of a room in Cape Town! In August it rains an average of 10 days. In return, the number of hours of sunshine climbs up. But at 15 degrees Celsius the Atlantic is still too cold to splash around and swim.

Best travel time for : sightseeing, surfing, whale watching

Cape Town in October

In October, Cape Town residents welcome spring . The winter can still be felt, but the temperatures are already reaching up to 21 degrees Celsius. On some days it can get even warmer. On other days it can be colder. If you travel to Cape Town in October, take appropriate clothing for any weather. The ideal temperatures for bathing in the Atlantic are not 16 degrees Celsius, but the conditions are ideal for surfing.

Best travel time for : Sightseeing, kite- and windsurfing, Table Mountain

Cape Town in November

November is a wonderful spring month that makes you want more. The temperatures this month are at an average of 24 degrees Celsius. Not too hot and not too cold! The sun shows up 10 hours a day and at night the temperatures are around 12 degrees Celsius. There is only rain on 5 days a month. The cape doctor does his best and brings a lot of wind to the city – ideal for surfing. With a water temperature of 17 degrees you can briefly jump into the Atlantic.

Best travel time for : Sightseeing, surfing, kite- and windsurfing, Table Mountain, (beach holiday)

Cape Town in December

December is the official start of summer in Cape Town. Due to the ideal weather conditions, this month is the best time to travel to Cape Town . The daytime temperatures are 25 degrees Celsius and higher. At night it remains pleasant with 15 degrees Celsius and the rain shows up on a maximum of 6 days this month. The sun shines for 11 hours and attracts sun worshipers from all over the world. The cape doctor ensures a lot of fresh wind!

Best travel time for : Sightseeing, surfing, kite and windsurfing, beach holidays, Table Mountain, New Year’s Eve

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