Motorcycle 360: 249 Euros and Arrives in October

He was the first to opt for a round design and since it came to light, the tendency of other manufacturers has gone on the same road after testing with straighter designs.

But, it was begging. Is not so and the Bike 360, Surely the most desired smartwatch, hit the market on 1 October for 249 euros and your booking is now available on Amazon Spain in black or silver color.

Motorcycle 360: round design as attraction

The Motorola Bike 360 It will be almost safe one of the smartwatch that more be credited when there is talk of Android Wear. It is the Grand standard bearer of this operating system, and the first who dared with a sphere.

This area, with a diameter of 4.6 cm and thickness of 11 mm (one of his great achievements) hosts one display of 1,5 inch, slightly larger than other models Wear, with resolution of 320 x 290 pixels. That screen, backlit, is protected with Gorilla Glass 3.

The bike 360 inside lurks a processor TI OMAP 3, 512 MB RAM and has 4 GB of internal memory. Main connectivity is bluetooth 4.0 and battery, 320 mAh, can endure more than 1 day, falling into the mistake that are making the most advanced watches that we are seeing.

The differential touch that gives the bike 360 showcases is its wireless charging system, which could make easier having to charge it every night. We would only have to remove us, leave it on its base and ready.

Protection IP87 and heart rate monitor

Although its design inspired seriousness, the bike 360 is prepared for an area where should be strong this kind of gadgets: athletes.

In the case of this equipment from Motorola, the protection is IP67 and comes with a pedometer to measure steps, as well as with heart rate with optical system sensor. The bike 360, that series comes with leather belt, has a weight of 49 grams.