Motorcycle 360, New Data: Larger Than The Rest of Android Wear… But from Plastic?

We are still waiting to learn about the other features of the Bike 360, the highly anticipated smartwatch with Android Wear. Will not be the first (LG and Samsung already have their respective models) but certainly that is raising more passions.

These data that is missing to know van knowing little by little, either through leaks or official images. For example, starts to shuffle a 48 mm diameter for the sphere, thus becoming a relative large clock. They are also in addition, shuffled two belts, one plastic (simulated leather) simple and ‘premium’ metal, that would be interchangeable (hope that under any standard measure as the of the LG G Watch) to the taste of the user.

Another point against the bike 360 and in favour of the other two existing would be the dimensions. The Motorola would be significantly thicker, 13.5 mm the 8.9 and 9.9 mm from Samsung and LG, respectively. I would be remiss to know the weight of the whole, which, barring surprises, will also be worse for the bike 360.

On the other side of the scale, the Motorola Bike 360 advantages are clear: not only the aesthetic, which highlights for a more classical than modern and “futuristic” line, also in certain features as the Sapphire Crystal, screen OLED or compatibility with Wireless charging systems. Higher than the other, but paying more?

For now it is not known. Early indications led us to think that it would cost about $249, but that information was never confirmed and, being honest, seemed more a balloon catheter from Motorola to study the behavior of the users. The G Watch LG and Samsung Gear Live cost 229 to 199 dollars respectively, with which climb to the $249 bike 360 is not a crazy figure. Motorola continues stating that its release date is ‘summer’, with which should not take long in providing new information: September 22 will officially begin the autumn.