Netherlands – Cheese, Tulips and Beautiful Cities

The uncomplicated attitude of life of the Dutch is catching on. This small country offers plenty to experience in terms of size – read the tips for your trip to the Netherlands!

The Netherlands is a dream destination for the culture-hungry tourist. The country is characterized by many museums, lively cultural life, low landscape and magnificent sandy beaches.

According to countryaah, the Netherlands is a country on the shores of the North Sea in northwestern Europe, also known as the Netherlands. The country is a low plain and there are many lakes, rivers and canals. With a population of over 16 million, the Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

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Culture and entertainment in the Netherlands

The Dutch cultural offer is diverse and rich. The country’s opera, theater and ballet are very popular and of a high standard. The largest museum in the Netherlands is the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, which covers a wide range of Dutch history. In Utrecht, you can visit historic churches and visit the country’s oldest university.

Happy and uncomplicated Dutch people enjoy the local holidays. In April, the country celebrates Queen’s Day, and in early December, the Sinterklaas festival is celebrated. The February carnivals especially fill the streets of the southern part of the country with people roaming.

Sandy beaches and nature parks

The long sandy beaches and dunes of the West Coast are great places to relax and enjoy the beach life. You can also enjoy the beautiful nature on the south coast. There are many nature parks and protected areas in the country.

The flat terrain of the Netherlands is perfect for cycling. By bike you can get to know the small and atmospheric fishing villages of the coast well. The Netherlands is known for its tulips, lilies and other flowers. Awesome Flower Fields can be found just outside Amsterdam and they radiate in different colors. The Keukenhof is famous for its botanical gardens in Lisse, about an hour from the capital.

Mild climate and diverse food culture

Short for NL by abbreviationfinder, the Netherlands has a mild coastal climate, characterized by high humidity and strong winds. In winter the temperature is a little below ten degrees and in summer the temperature rises above 20 degrees. During the winter months, it may also snow in the Netherlands.

Traditional Dutch foods include bread, potatoes, fish, meat and vegetables. Common dishes include pea soup and pancakes with different fillings. The local cheese is famous and the Dutch are proud of their many quality beers.

There are a lot of immigrants in the international Netherlands, which makes the food culture flourish in all sorts of forms. It is easy to find restaurants serving Indonesian delicacies.

Good to know about the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a suitable destination for all types of tourists. The country has the hustle and bustle of big cities but also idyllic little villages, beautiful coastline and peaceful nature. There are also nice things to do in the Netherlands for families with children.

The busiest tourist season in the Netherlands takes place during the summer months, when queues can form in the main attractions. It is also advisable to book accommodation well in advance during the hottest season. Spring and autumn are also good times to visit the Netherlands.

In addition to windmills, tulips and clogs, the Netherlands is known for its liberal drug policy. In cups called the coffee shop, the sale and smoking of cannabis is allowed.

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Flights to the Netherlands

Flights from Finland to the Netherlands take only two to three hours. Direct connections from Finland are offered by the wings of Finnair and KLM, among others. Round-trip fares start at around € 200. Cheap flights to Amsterdam are available almost all year round, except for the worst peaks.

Schiphol Airport is located about 15 km from the capital and has regular trains to Amsterdam Central Station.

Accommodation in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands you will find a wide range of accommodation options from affordable options to luxury. Hotels in the capital, Amsterdam, and other major cities are, of course, slightly more expensive than in the countryside.

Numerous hostels offer affordable accommodation. The auto riders, on the other hand, conveniently stay overnight at the campsite. There are also guest houses and accommodation even on canal boats.

Movement in the Netherlands

With the help of public transport, it is possible to travel in the country cheaply and efficiently. Distances within the country are short, so trips don’t take much time. Most cities have a train station, which usually serves as the main station for buses, trams and metros. Bicycles can also be rented from several stations. In the Netherlands, the tourist finds locals almost always cycling.

The Netherlands is a small country that can be conveniently toured by rental car. You can easily rent a car from Finland and pick it up directly from the airport when you arrive in the Netherlands.


Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands

The country’s capital, Amsterdam, is dominated by canals and beautiful arch bridges. The city of narrow alleys has been built tightly and upwards due to lack of space.

In Amsterdam, it is worth visiting the city’s many museums. Picasso is on display at the Stedelijk Museum, and the city also has the Van Gogh Museum. There is also the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, where a Jewish girl who wrote a famous diary hid during the persecution.

Amsterdam’s main street, Damrak, has a lot to see and do. The street leads to Dam Square, where the Royal Palace is located. The red light district in the middle of the city is an entertainment center that comes to life in the evenings. The area that shares opinions is, in fact, cooler in reputation. Pickpockets are still worth watching in the area.

Locals in Amsterdam mostly travel by bicycle. Canal driving between narrow canals is also a great way to get around the city.

The university city of Utrecht

Like Amsterdam, the city of Utrecht is known for its canals, parks and picturesque squares. In Utrecht, historic fortresses meet modern architecture. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities in the city.

One of the main attractions in Utrecht is the oldest university in the Netherlands. Utrecht, which is populated by students, is youthful and lively – it is worth heading to the city for a bar tour.

Sophisticated Maastricht

The charming Maastricht is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands is not Peri-Dutch – the city’s location next to Germany and Belgium has contributed to a more Central European atmosphere than the rest of the country.

Interesting sights in Maastricht include the fortress of St Pieter and the tunnel network. The city is known for its historic churches that attract tourists. Maastricht is surrounded by cozy villages, such as the white village of Thorn, which is worth a visit.

The political center of The Hague

Although the capital of the Netherlands is now Amsterdam, political power has been retained in the former capital, The Hague. The residences of the royal family are also located there. Tourists visiting the city are therefore interested in the Parliament Building and the Royal Palace. The Hague also has many historic buildings and beautiful squares.

As a counterweight to power and politics, the feel of The Hague also includes beach life as well as the Duinrell theme park for the whole family. In Madurodam Park, on the other hand, you can see the whole of the Netherlands in miniature.

Modern Rotterdam

Alongside the idyllic Dutch cities, Rotterdam stands out for its contemporary architecture and modern look. Rotterdam may not be the most beautiful city in the Netherlands, but it is the center of art and design in the country. In fashion-conscious Rotterdam, different styles are boldly on display.

Rotterdam is worth visiting the city’s numerous museums as well as the rugged harbor. The Euromast Tower is a landmark in Rotterdam with the best views over the city.



The best experiences in the Netherlands

  1. Experience bohemian Amsterdam with its canals and alleys.
  2. Fall in love with picturesque Maastricht in the south of Holland.
  3. Rent a car – compact Netherlands can easily get around.
  4. Visit the Netherlands in tulip time and see the glory of flowers.
  5. See the beautiful beaches and nature parks of the Netherlands.