OneWatch: OnePlus Soon with Their Own Smartwatch

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Smartphone manufacturer of OnePlus, known for the startling OnePlus one, currently probably works on a Smartwatch. This reveals a gel Act picture of your website.

Different than most of the previously published Smartwatches the OneWatch so looks like the name, with its round design rather on the Moto 360. The supposed picture of the homepage a drawing of the watch joined to, which was played to BGR.

Some interesting details emerge from the drawing. So, the device has him by the most of Android an OLED screen as we know smartphones. Especially the high luminosity could prove useful in the Sun – content can be better seen than, for example, at IPS displays. This is protected by a very robust sapphire glass layer. Hours a day so no glass damage survives even intense clashes.

Hidden inside the leather bracelet is a curved, probably flexible battery. Since it sits directly in the actual case, like with the Samsung gear, can be made the whole device thinner. Safe for user a welcome change. Recharging can be the battery by Qi Wireless charging – cable adieu.

What sounds about like a dream, but can also remain. So far it’s all just rumors and the pictures can be faked as well. In an official announcement, we’ll keep you of course to date.