Our Site: Mobile Payment on the Smartwatch

The mobile payment provider our site faces an extremely loving investment. The service allows you to easily pay in the supermarket. So far, the offer was only limited smartphones, now it wants to expand it also on the booming Smartwatch market.

Maik Klotz, head of business development at Valuephone looking optimistically to the future.

We were the first in the mobile payment in Germany with NET app for your Smartphone. Now, we go one step further and expand our solutions to new device categories. We want that the users, no matter which device it is on the road, can use our solution always. Users of Smartwatches, such as for example the pebble or the Samsung’s Galaxy gear, can pay so that in the future in the trade.

The expansion on Smartwatches makes a lot of sense. So you need his phone no longer get – let alone the purse.

With these measures, Valuephone builds his 360 degree mobile loyalty platform further off. The offer takes over the entire payment process to customer retention – just for traders therefore a welcome solution that could well represent the future. Because it wont be seamless in previous customer loyalty programmes a. The transaction also takes place in real time and is made by a payment guarantee by Valuephone pretty tasty. When the apps appear for the Smartwatch, remains to be seen.