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Sector Mountain Master Watch Review

A clock that works like an iPad is possible? The answer is Yes, and arrives directly with Sector Mountain Master, the watch is ideal for hiking and more. The unique Touch and Scroll Screen movement, the fruit of technological research del Sector Lab, is similar to that…
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Casio F-91W-1YER Review

Established as a company in the production of pocket calculators, Casio entered by force in the field of watches by ensuring a large market share with its now famous and reliable products. They say that passion is contagious and in…
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Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Review

Unisex, elegant, luxurious, with internal mechanisms that guarantee. It is impervious to water, with a handsome two-tone dial. Solid and refined case and bracelet are made of steel and gold-plated 23k. The mechanism of movement is automatic and the analog display. A gem midway…
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Bradley Watch for Blind

It is easy to lose the big picture in the gadget industry, especially now that the rumors of Iwatch and smart watches are pouring in. But there are those who cannot use neither smart phones or watches with screens.

Apple Watch Edition

Site Ifixit has picked Apple Watch apart to see what is inside the shell. Apple Watch Edition is the name of Apple’s most expensive product ever. The guldtäckta clock sold for more than 100 000 kroons, although it has the same…
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Tips for Choosing Watches

The watch is undoubtedly an accessory that despite the advent of mobile phones, remains indispensable for most people. Aesthetics and functionality play a decisive role in choosing to purchase. But the pitfalls and the doubts can be numerous: so here are some useful tips.

How to Choose Smartwatch

Many users were disappointed that some endurance smart watch is absurdly short. Some do not fix, and others can not tolerate even splashed with water. We will advise you on what parameters and to concentrate on what to watch! Interesting…
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