Pebble Is Updated and Is Adapted to The Times

This smart watch developers have announced the release of a major update. Pebble He manages thus to adapt to some of the important developments of the market, and for example offers a better integration with iOS 7.

In this way the users of Pebble with an iPhone with that version of Apple’s mobile operating system You can enjoy the notifications on filmstar smart. But there are more changes.
These notifications include the possibilities of iOS 7, and we can control what notifications want to that they show us in our Pebble, including those that go beyond the calls, SMS or emails. For example, which come from social networks or the calendar alerts.

New SDK 2.0 and Bluetooth LE support

The new version 2.0 SDK Pebble also comes with enhancements and new APIs: Javascript, accelerometer, persistent storage and data are the new members of this development kit.

This will allow developers work on applications that communicate with the web (for example to show the weather or public transport information), with the accelerometer (monitoring of physical activity, remote gestures), record data even if there is no connection with a phone (again, to monitor our physical activity) and store information in the clock (settings, scores in games).

Another update improvements is the Bluetooth Smart support (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy). This is possible because the Pebble Bluetooth driver (a Texas Instruments CC256x chip) permitting, although initially this option is not available.

As explained in AnandTech, the Pebble now shows two Bluetooth profiles, one “classic” and other “smart” (Smart, you). Only notifications of the so-called Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) are compatible with BT Smart, while the “classic” connection is used to display the number that calls us, control of the music and other options.