Pebble-Manager: Smartwatch Batteries Pose Challenge

45 million Smartwatches and fitness Tracker should go up to the year 2017 over the counter. To increase the currently rather subdued demand, but still some weaknesses must be eliminated. Pebble Manager Myriam Joire considers problematic especially low battery life of the device.

The wearables market is still very young. Customers should currently be persuaded to buy a Smartwatch or a fitness Tracker. Particularly the short battery life of the device is problematic. For this reason, Pebble has an eInk display on Smartwatches. They only consume power when changing the displayed content. With technology, battery life are achieved by over a week. Smartwatches, which put on a colorful AMOLED or LCD display, have a significantly shorter battery life. This is often just one or two days.

Customers are especially interested in elegant and discreet Smartwatches, Smartwatches according to a larger battery but larger. Flexible batteries could be the solution. These could be integrated in the bracelet of a Smartwatch and significantly extend the battery life. Flexible batteries are currently under development, therefore Pebble opted for a compromise and built-up eInk displays.