Pebble Not Wants to Stay out of The Competition and Tab to The WebOS Design Team

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We know well that the competition around the smart watches is at its best and in the coming days may intensify, because what ever there are more competitors in the field, same looking to make a good market share offering devices with all kinds of designs, operating systems and features.

Pebble has been undoubtedly one of those competitors in the market that from the beginning attention, this is due to the excellent implementation of your product, offering a variety of designs and materials, as well as a solid platform that has left developers give to know its various applications. Because Pebble does not intend to leave the battle and this is how it is made the team in charge of the webOS interface.

Betting on the interface

We have to accept that the Pebble interface is functional, but “something” that makes it make the leap beyond, that is why today we learned that two of the designers responsible for the interface of webOS in LG TV have decided to spend part of Pebble, this with a view at the launch of the next generation of the device.

This is how Itai Vonshak will become the head of product and user experience, while Liron Damir will be the head of design at Pebble. Both come to create the user interface and the design of webOS for LG TV, Likewise, they are also responsible for the design of webOS for HP.

The hope is that the next version of Pebble incorporates a new interface and design on user experience, but respecting the philosophy of openness that has always characterized the company. So if someone thought that Pebble was dead due to the fierce competition coming, apparently will not.