Pebble Prepares Important Announcement for CES

Other companies that will be exhibiting at CES starting the coming week is Pebble. This smart watch manufacturer already announced that it would launch its store of applications at the beginning of this year, but it seems that we have reserved another ad.

Although they obviously do not give more data about it, yes we know that that ad will occur on January 6 at 11 in the morning PST (20:00 in peninsular Spain). We are at the gates of the? second generation from Pebble smart watches?
Showed it our colleagues from Engadget Mexico, pointing also to that new iteration of those devices a manufacturer protagonist in one of the segments that most promise for this year.

In fact, the relevance of the wearable computing and topics as personal quantification suggest also in offer those options in new devices from this manufacturer. Whatever the announcement, we will be very attentive. Sure that you also.