Pebble Presents Its Sportier Update: Health and Quantification

With the emergence of Android Wear and Apple Watch in the world of the smartwatches, it seemed that the future of Pebble would not be exactly brilliant. Two titans like Google and Apple had joined and it was to see how it was going to move this small company fruit of crowdfunding. At the moment it has given a small, but successful, step forward.

Pebble announced via its official blog news of the latest update of its two clocks (Pebble and Pebble Steel). Most notable is the compatibility with systems of quantification to view information on our Misfit, Jawbone Up or Swim directly on the wrist.

In addition to support for these three services, Pebble has added Quick Launch, a function that allows us to configure two shortcuts on the right side buttons for pressing for a while, to invoke an application without having to go through the options menu. Very useful because many times we forget that we have installed apps having to add an extra step to open the.

We hope that support for the quantifiers services extend and reach more agreements with other manufacturers of these accessories. A small step forward that demonstrates that despite the appearance of Apple and Google still have partners that continue to increase their ecosystem.

If Engadget were an American means also anunciaríamos that the two models of Pebble have dropped in price but a ridiculous euro dollar conversion converts the $99 the basic model in 129 euros. Metal clock goes from 199 dollars to 229 euros. The good news, at least, is that they will start marketing in some countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom or Sweden.